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Orange 30

1. Affordable professional grade SLA light curing 3D printer. 120*68*170mm big build size, 2K high resolution LCD, pixel resolution up to 47μm, ensures super fine and smooth printing. 

2. Intelligent one-click add supporting structure in the slice software, automatically detects the floating part and adds cross-linked grid support to ensure the success rate of complex model printing 

3. Ultra-fast slicing, comes with professional PC slicing software Longer, slice a 100M file in 10 seconds. Compatible with Chitubox for more features. 

4. Easy to use 2.8-inch full-color touch screen, easy to select file printing and view the real-time printing process. 

5. Specially designed optical paths to achieve uniform light intensity distribution, improve print quality, and it is not easy to generate debris during printing. 

6. Offline printing. Automatically identify the print file in the U-Disk for offline printing. 

7. Easy leveling: Easy to level the platform by 4 screws. 

8. High-temperature warning function: The printing process pauses automatically at high LED temperatures and will resume printing automatically upon sufficient cooling.

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