Longer LK4 Pro & LK5 Pro – Upgrades by @Ciubecca

Longer LK4 Pro & LK5 Pro – Upgrades by @Ciubecca
All Longer 3D printers offer excellent performance and guarantee high print quality, however some users love to install upgrades useful to change the aesthetic appearance or characteristics of the printer. For this reason, this article intends to present some of the most installed upgrades by users, offered by @Ciubecca Nicola.
1) LONGER LK4Pro & LK5Pro Display Cover

This upgrade allows you to install a cover on the display of the Longer LK4 PRO & LK5 PRO printers, so as to protect the screen from dust when the printer is not in use
2) LONGER LK4 Pro & LK5 Pro Adjustable LED Light Bar Mount

This upgrade allows you to install a lamp through an adjustable stand, so as to obtain a good illumination of the printing plate of LK4 PRO & LK5 PRO.
3) LONGER LK4 Pro & LK5 Pro Mini SD Card/USB Holder

This upgrade allows you to install a holder for microSD cards, USB pendrives and SD cards, so you always have any type of flash memory next to the printer
4) LONGER LK4 Pro & LK5 Pro Front rail cover with Bed Leveling Reminder

If you do not need the previous Card Holder, then this upgrade can be a good choice; this upgrade is a reminder that allows you to remember from which direction you have to turn the leveling knobs to raise or lower the printing surface
5) LONGER LK4 Pro & LK5 Pro Screw Cap

An upgrade as simple as it is functional, of the simple caps to cover the screws of the aluminum frame of the LK4 PRO & LK5 PRO printers. Choose your favorite color to customize your printer to the maximum!
6) LONGER LK4 Pro & LK5 Pro Spool Clamp

Some filament coils tend to move on the Spool Holder; therefore, if this is a problem for you then you can install this upgrade, which allows you to hold the coil in its position
7) LONGER LK4 Pro & LK5 Pro Flexible Arms

This upgrade consists of a flexible arm, which was used to install a camera that can record the printing process. However, if you have a different camera or if you don't need a camera, then you can modify the original design and use the flexible arm for any kind of customization you have in mind. Bring your ideas to life!