Enjoy Thanksgiving Day with Longer

Enjoy Thanksgiving Day with Longer

Thanksgiving Day is a very heartfelt holiday in America, especially in the USA and Canada, and has very ancient roots of about 4 centuries. In ancient times, the purpose of this festival was to thank God for the agricultural harvests obtained during the summer, and therefore the holiday fell at the beginning of winter, i.e. the second Monday of October in Canada and the fourth Thursday of November in the United States. Nowadays, although the original purpose that connects the holiday to the harvests has been somewhat lost, the holiday of Thanksgiving Day continues to be very important for the people of North America, and mainly on the fourth Thursday of November there are many families who gather to spend a day of celebration together.

When receiving guests for lunch on Thanksgiving Day, it is always a pleasure to welcome everyone with delicious dishes and table decorations that increase hospitality. By using Laser Engraver such as Longer Ray5 and Longer B1 it is possible to create beautiful decorations and useful objects that will make all guests feel even happier and more welcome.

1.Decoration of the exterior entrance of the house

Starting from a piece of plywood or wood, it is possible to engrave and laser cut a sign that says "Happy Thanksgiving Day" decorated with motifs of turkey, pumpkin, leaves, and so on, all symbols historically linked to ancient Thanksgiving Day. Once made, just hang the sign outside the front door, so as to create a festive atmosphere even before entering the house.

2.Decoration of the interior entrance of the house

The interior entrance of the house can be decorated with animals engraved on wood, especially animals related to autumn and Thanksgiving Day; More skilled users can also process the engravings, adding hooks to hang jackets, bags, scarves, and other personal items of the guests. The engraved animals can also be cut, and at the end of the lunch they can be given to the guests as a souvenir of the beautiful day of celebration together.

3.Table decoration

As a decoration of the table, it is possible to make wooden coasters and placemats with the name of each guest, so as to make all the guests at lunch feel really welcome. If the piece of wood is not perfectly round or square, in addition to engraving the name, it is also possible to proceed with laser cutting, so as to make everything more uniform. In addition to protecting the tablecloth from stains, this is a highly personal item, and therefore will make all guests happy

4.More table decorations

Through a system of joints, it is possible to make a wooden napkin ring in the shape of a pumpkin on the two main sides. Once ready, it can be painted with the colors of autumn, such as orange, yellow, red, etc. This item is stylish and functional, and you can use it to spruce up your table.

5.Fun with friends

After lunch it is nice to spend time with friends, for this reason making a wooden puzzle with images dedicated to the holiday, such as a turkey or a pumpkin pie, or to the advent of Christmas, is certainly a great idea. The complexity of the puzzle can be freely chosen at the time of creating the cutting file, and online you can find ready-to-use patterns with a Laser Engraver.

6.Gifts for guests

As a gift for your guests, you can create wooden bookmarks with a thank you phrase or a famous quote. Just use a thin piece of wood and engrave the phrase or quote with the laser. This object is simple and meaningful, and will surely be a welcome gift that will allow guests to remember the beautiful day spent together for a long time.

7.More gifts for guests

Using the Longer Rotary Roller you can customize curved objects, such as a cup. As with bookmarks, you can create very meaningful gifts for your guests as a reminder of the day of celebration.

Making these items is really easy using a Laser Engraver such as Longer Ray5 and Longer B1. Also, if you don't know how to engrave and cut at the same time, you can find many articles in the Longer Academy that explain how to do it, as well as many tutorials for Lightburn and how to use your Longer Laser Engraver. In particular, to realize the ideas shared in this article, you can refer to these two lessons to learn how to do a test of the materials to be engraved or cut, as well as learn how to make engravings and cuts at the same time:

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