Longer Company Introduces Nano: The World's First 12W Portable Handheld Laser Engraving Machine

Longer Company Introduces Nano: The World's First 12W Portable Handheld Laser Engraving Machine - LONGER

With just 48 hours remaining until the anticipated launch, Longer Company is excited to announce the upcoming availability of Nano, the world's first 12W portable handheld laser engraving machine, on Kickstarter starting February 22nd, 2024, at 10 AM ET, starting at $299 for the 6W model and $499 for the 12W model. 

"Nano represents a significant step forward in laser engraving technology," Lao Changshi stated, CEO at Longer,  "With its blend of portability, speed, and precision, Nano empowers users to explore new creative possibilities, whether crafting personalized gifts, creating custom signage, or prototyping new products."

Key features of Nano include:

Nano stands out as the first portable engraving machine to offer direct adaptation with industry-leading software like Lightburn and LaserGrbl. This compatibility enhances user experience by providing access to advanced features and seamless integration, making the engraving process more intuitive and efficient.

Nano's innovative design allows for effortless handheld engraving by detaching the main body. This feature enhances versatility and freedom, enabling users to bring their creativity wherever they go. Whether users working in a studio or exploring outdoor spaces, Nano adapts to workflow seamlessly.

Nano isn't just limited to engraving – it's also a powerful cutting tool. With the ability to cut wood up to 8.5mm thick, Nano expands its utility to a wide range of applications. Whether users are crafting intricate wooden designs or prototyping new products, Nano delivers exceptional cutting performance with precision and ease.

Experience lightning-fast engraving speeds with Nano's Galvo System, supporting an impressive speed of 2200mm/s. This remarkable feature ensures efficient project completion without compromising on precision, allowing users to meet tight deadlines and tackle large volumes of work with ease.

Nano achieves unparalleled precision with its innovative Field Lens technology, boasting a precision of 0.02*0.02mm. This level of precision allows users to create intricate designs with stunning detail, let every engraving project meets the high standards of quality and craftsmanship.

Nano use the rotary extension made smooth and precise engraving results, even on curved surfaces . This technical prowess expands the horizons of creative expression, enabling users to delve into new dimensions within their designs and realize their artistic vision with unparalleled finesse. For more information, please click here.

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