Lk4 x fdm impresora 3D



  • Potente extrusor de doble engranaje directo, compatible con más filamentos, impresiones sin problemas
  • 95% de nivelación automática previa a ensamblaje e inteligente, libera tus manos, facilita la impresión 3D
  • Tamaño del edificio de 8.66 "*8.66"*9.84 "(220*220*250 mm), cumple con los requisitos de rutina y un menor consumo de energía
  • Película de PEI flexible para una toma de moldes más fácil
  • La placa base de código abierto de 32 bits está equipado con cuatro juegos deultrailente módulos, crea libremente
  • Reanudar la protección de impresión y ejecución, no se preocupe por los accidentes
  • Envío rápido en 1-2 días hábiles desde los almacenes estadounidenses/checos más cercanos.

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  • Intelligent Auto Leveling

    With 16-point exact leveling, the unevenness of the hot bed is automatically compensated, deducting the hassle of manual leveling, and improves printing

    Direct Dual-gear Extruder and Compatibility

    Longer LK4 X features a direct dual-gear extruder with a 5:1 reduction ratio, stronger and more accurate filament control, and is compatible with PLA, TPU, ABS, PETG,and Wood.

    32-Bit Open Source &  Ultra Silent Motherboard

    A 32-Bit main control chip is outfitted with 4 kits of TMC2208 ultra-silent chipsets, printing fastly and quietly. With open-source firmware,  you have more creative freedom.

    Strong adhesion & Simpe Removal of PEI Film

    The platform is built of premium spring-flexible steel that allows for simple filament adhesion to the print bed without the use of adhesive. And simply removes the printed model by just removing the PEI sheet and slightly bending it.

    Resume Printing & Run Out Protection

    Longer LK4 X is equipped with a double resume printing function after filamentrun runs out or power is lost, algorithms record and detect the printing process in real time , saving both time and filament.

    Easy Assembling

    95% Pre-assembled, with only 6 steps to complete the assembly, reduces operation time and trouble, quickly starts printing. 

    Large Touch Screen 

    Longer LK4 X with a 4.3 inch full-color touch screen, you can say goodbye to the era of manual knobs and dot-matrix display, easy to operate.

    Dual Fan Blower Kit

    With dual blower kit, the filament can be cooled quickly after extrusion so that the model is not prone to deformation or wire drawing.

    Low Power Consumptions

    A building size of 8.66"*8.66"*9.84" (220x220x250mm) is sufficient for daily use, and lower power consumption reduces energy using.

    Manual Belt Tensioners

    The X/Y-Axis knob tensioners may easily and  timely adjust the belt's tension,  prevent layer shifting, enabling better printing.

    Improved Teflon Tube 

    The new teflon tube stand higher temperatures and not easy to clog inside the nozzle and will provide constant quality of printing.

    Model Number LK4 XLK5 Pro
    Printing TechnologyFDM 3D Printing TechnologyFDM 3D Printing Technology
    Working Area 220*220*250mm(8.66"x8.66"x9.84") 300*300*400mm (11.81"*11.81"*15.75")
    Printing speed≤180mm/s≤180mm/s 
    Printing accuracy±0.1mm±0.1mm
    Layer thickness0.1-0.4mm0.1-0.4mm
    Support filamentsPLA/TPU/ABS/ PETG/WoodPLA/ABS/ PETG
    Direct drive extruder Direct drive extruder Bowden Extruder
    Auto levelingYesOptional 
    Filament DetectorYesYes
    Resume PrintingYesYes
    Hot bedPEI Flexible Steel Ceramic Coated Glass
    Motherboard32-Bit Open Source & Silent Motherboard8-Bit Open Source & Silent Motherboard
    Connection method TF card or USBTF card or USB
    Hot bed Temperature≤100°C≤100°C
    Nozzle Temperature≤250°C≤250°C
    Rated power320W350W
    Gross Weight9.78KG13.5KGS
    Printer Dimension485*465*615mm580*540*663mm
    Package Dimension540*525*265mm 662*588*193mm