LONGER LaserBurn: Ideal companion for your laser engraving machine

LONGER LaserBurn: Ideal companion for your laser engraving machine


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LaserBurn Is a powerful APP designed for LONGER laser engraving machine users, designed for Nano and B1 series laser engraving machines, designed to enhance the user engraving experience and convenience. Both novice and professional, LaserBurn meets the needs of users to control laser engraving machines through mobile phones.
LaserBurn APP Users can directly control their own LONGER laser engraving machine from their smartphones, so what specifically can LaserBurn provide more convenient access and operation for the use of Longer Nano? Let me briefly introduce the steps to use LaserBurn APP:



Connect the laser engraving:
Open the LaserBurn app and follow the app's instructions to connect the laser engraving machine to your smartphone. There are three ways to connect the device:


WiFi Direct connection:
Turn on the long B1 power supply and connect the phone to a Wi-Fi network with the name " LongerLaser_. Wi-Fi password: 12345678. Open the Longer Laserburn app, click Unconnected, device management, and then enter the IP address to connect to the app.


Scan Connection:
Open the LaserBurn application, click Unconnected, and then click Add to scan and add the device. First, connect your phone to a Wi-Fi network called "LongerLaser_."Wi-Fi password: 12345678. Click the Set STA Mode, select the Wi-Fi network that you need to connect to, and establish a connection.


IP connection :
touch screen users only.


Drawing creation:
LaserBurn The app has a powerful drawing tool built-in, allowing you to easily create your own designed patterns on your phone. In addition, you can import files from the SD card or carve material from the library.


Adjust the engraving parameters:
Users can preview the engraving effect in real time in the application and customize the engraving parameters as needed to achieve personalized engraving effects. Here are the carving and cutting parameters of some materials:


Carving parameters:
Tden wood: 10000; 80, hardwood: 10000; 100, alumina: 100; 100, leather: 24000; 35, denim: 11000; 25, wood: 15000; 90, pottery: 2000; 100, rock: 14000; 100, stainless steel: 1000; 100, paper: 6000; 15.


Cutting parameters:
Linden wood 3mm: 300; 100, linden wood 5 mmm: 150; 100, bubble tung wood 8mm: 50; 100, leather: 1300; 100, denim: 600; 100, paper: 3000; 100.


Start carving:
After the adjustment parameters are completed, the carved items are placed, and the APP application enters the preview mode, and the bracket height is adjusted. When the two laser points are combined into a focus point, the carving can begin.


Overall, by using the LaserBurn APP, you can easily control the LONGER Nano and B1 series of laser engraving machines, achieving accurate engraving operation, and obtaining an efficient workflow. Download the LaserBurn APP now and start experiencing the unparalleled laser engraving experience! Click here to learn more about Longer Nano.