Unleashing Creativity: The Evolution of Laser Engraving Technology

Unleashing Creativity: The Evolution of Laser Engraving Technology


Laser engraving machines offer a multitude of possibilities for transforming various materials into personalized and intricate designs, from personalized gifts to exquisite art pieces. With its precise capabilities, individuals can unlock a whole new level of creative expression.


· Introduction
· History of Laser engraves
· LONGER productions

Initially introduced as an industrial tool in 1965, laser engraving machines quickly gained popularity for their precision in etching and engraving various materials. As technology advanced, CO2 lasers emerged, offering the ability to engrave nonmetal materials like plastic, rubber, and wood.


History of Laser engraves

Laser technology has transformed industries and opened up new possibilities across diverse sectors. The Ray5 and B1 Laser Engravers have revolutionized the manufacturing industry by introducing efficient and precise methods for product identification and branding, extending their impact beyond manufacturing to medical applications and personal customization in fields like art. Moreover, all Ray5 20W and B1 series can be replaced with fiber laser heads.


Fiber Lasers

Further technological advancements led to the development of fiber lasers, which proved to be a game-changer in laser engraving equipment. Utilizing optical fibers as their medium, fiber lasers boasted higher beam quality and efficiency, enabling engraving on metals and even reflective surfaces. This expanded the application of laser engraving across industries such as jewelry, electronics, and automotive. With ongoing technological innovation and a commitment to developing more efficient laser engraving equipment, this technology continues to redefine and shape the future of various industries.


The Ray5 Laser Engraver stands as a testament to Longer's exceptional research and development capabilities. With the ability to operate continuously for a full twenty-four hours, the Ray5 ensures uninterrupted productivity, meeting the demands of even the most intensive engraving tasks. Furthermore, its remarkable efficiency allows for the completion of an engraved finished product in as little as five minutes, while the Laser B1 20W model reaches 20000 mm/min. Showcasing the precision and speed achieved through Longer's advanced engineering.

Similarly, the Laser B1 series demonstrates Longer's commitment to excellence in laser engraving technology. The Laser B1 30W model achieves an impressive top speed of 36000 mm/min,  and could cutting 50mm black acrylic. These remarkable speeds and cut ability not only enhance productivity but also highlight Longer's dedication to pushing the boundaries of engraving performance.

Through relentless innovation and a focus on delivering cutting-edge solutions, Longer continues to set new standards in the field of laser engraving. With their machines' exceptional capabilities, users can unleash their creativity and bring our ideas to life with unparalleled precision and efficiency.