Engraving & Cutting with Lightburn and Longer Ray5

Engraving & Cutting with Lightburn and Longer Ray5

Longer Ray5 allows you to engrave and cut multiple types of materials. In particular, many users of Longer Ray5 prefer to carry out engraving and cutting work at the same time, especially when it comes to working with wood panels; however, engraving and cutting do not necessarily have to be two distinct processes, as using Lightburn you can perform both machining operations in one operation.

In particular, after opening an image in Lightburn, proceed to set the engraving parameters in the window on the right of the screen. I know that the engraving parameters are those of Model Image.

After setting the engraving parameters, right-click with mouse on the imported image, then select Trace Image.

In the screen that opens, define the quality of the cutting perimeter by increasing or decreasing the Threshold value, then confirm by pressing OK.

The image will be superimposed by a perimeter, as set in the previous screen, and at the same time in the window on the right of the screen will appear a new entry relating to the cut to be made, indicated with Model Line. For Model Line, set image cropping parameters, such as speed, power, and number of passes.

At the end, press Save Gcode to export the working file to the microSD of Longer Ray5, then proceed to start working on Longer Ray5. Alternatively, before exporting the GCode, you can check the simulation of the engraving and cutting process by pressing Preview.

In this way, Longer Ray5 will engrave the selected image, after which it will cut the image following the perimeter set above.