3D Printer Heated Bed PEI Sheet
3D Printer Heated Bed PEI Sheet
3D Printer Heated Bed PEI Sheet

3D Printer Heated Bed PEI Sheet

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Made of high-quality spring-flexible steel. The PEI board sticks well to the magnetic base and can work under the high-temperature heating of the 260℃ nozzle. The soft magnetic stickers will not be deformed when bent and can withstand long-term work on a high-temperature heating bed of 100°C.

Easily adhere filaments to the print bed without tape or glue. It is easy to remove prints; just take out the PEI sheet and repeatedly bend slightly to remove the prints instantly.
The PEI print side is compatible with PLA, PETG, PEEK, ABS, and any other filament.
Easy to install; just place the bottom adhesive side on top of the unheated bed. PEI sheets can be magnetically bonded to magnetic stickers.

If the magnetic sticker is stuck to the bed, it won't be easy to remove. Therefore, please make sure that you measure it correctly first before removing the adhesive and sticking it to the heated 3D printer bed.

Applicable machine model: 235mm*235mm is suitable for LK4, LK4 PRO, U30, ect.; 310mm*310mm is suitable for LK5 PRO, LK1, U20 PRO, ect.

Package List: : PEI Membrane, Magnetic Sticker


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