FDM 3D printer loss parts, do you know this?

Easy Loss FDM 3D Printer Part

3D printer aways work days and night, as I know, some one have print a model, it cost very long time, funny. for high strength work, some part of FDM 3D printer, will loss. let me show you some part easy loss, you can check while you going to print big project, make sure every thing well before printing.

More than 1000 hour printing?

1, Nozzle kit

nozzle kit of 3d printers

The nozzle kit is installed on the hot end of the printer. There are generally two failure conditions:

  1. The nozzle or blue heat sink is blocked

There are many reasons for being blocked by the filament. For example, if the nozzle is too close to the print bed, the filament cannot be squeezed out. Or when you replaced the new Teflon tube, you did not insert the Teflon tube to the bottom, causing the filament to get stuck in the gap between them.

  1. The thermistor or heating rod is damaged

Generally, their cables are broken. But if the machine is used for a long time, it will naturally wear out.

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2, Limit switch

limit switch of 3d printer

The iron plate on the limit switch will loosen after many collisions. So when your machine has been used for a long time, you need to check whether the limit switch is still working properly.


3, Filament sensor

The filament sensor is a part that is very easy to wear. Its function is to detect whether the filament is used up. So that the printer will not print air when the filament runs out when you are not next to the machine.

filament sensor of 3d printer
After the machine has been used for a long time. The filament sensor may not be able to sense the filament even when there is a filament. So when your printer’s touch screen shows that the filament cannot be sensed, please check your filament sensor.


4, Extruder gear

The brass gear on the extruder may wear out after a long period of filament extrusion. So when your machine has been used for a long time, you need to check whether your extruder gear is worn.

extruder gear


5, Z axis screw

Z-axis screw

After using the machine for a long time, you need to check whether the grease on the Z-axis screw is still enough to keep it working normally.

6, Synchronous belt and Synchronous wheel

Synchronous beltSynchronous wheel

When there is a layer shift in your print or your XY axis cannot move normally. It is very likely that the belt or wheel is worn out (there may be other reasons). You can try a new belt or wheel.

There is a possibility of wear on the surface of the synchronizing wheel and the bearings inside.