Longer Fanducts for FDM 3D printers

Longer Fanducts for FDM 3D printers

All FDM 3D printers are equipped with some fans, each of which performs a different function. For example, one fan cools the mainboard, another fan cools the hotend, and so on.

A fan with relevant functionality is the cooling fan of the printed filament, which is a fan that cools the print, so as to allow the filament to solidify quickly, avoiding deformation in the print due to heat. This fan can not do anything on its own, and in fact it is always associated with a "fanduct", or a duct through which the air emitted by the fan passes, which is concentrated and directed correctly on the print.

Fanducts come in various shapes and sizes, while all maintaining the same function; depending on its design, the fanduct can concentrate more or less air, in one or more directions. Here's a list of official Longer 3D fanducts, each with different features for different purposes:


  • Classic Fanduct




This fanduct is the default model of Longer 3D printers, it allows you to concentrate a large amount of air and cool a large portion of the print at the same time thanks to its round output. It is perfect for prints with large surfaces, prints that are printed at high speed and for prints made with very large nozzles.

Download link:   https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5585284


  • Squared fanduct




This Longer 3D fanduct is equipped with two rectangular outputs, thus being able to divide the air flow equally in two directions. Depending on the printing direction, this fanduct usually takes care of cooling both the part already printed and the part that is about to be printed; In addition, all the air is concentrated in these two zones, so the cooling inflow is considerable. The disadvantage is that for high-speed prints, the fanduct may not have enough time to cool the print because its airflow is very direct.

Download link:   https://drive.google.com/file/d/1T-tPjxG2hIX5XB63BakLJlfQkH_xQGby/view?usp=sharing



  • Precision fanduct




This Longer 3D fanduct is the one that concentrates the air the most, and then directs it at high pressure and speed at a single point. In fact, due to the great difference in section between inlet and outlet, the air accumulates a great speed at the outlet, thus being able to cool the affected printing part in a few moments. Its main use is for prints with many detailed parts and very thin parts that extend upwards; For example, trying to print a tip, usually the heat causes a deformation due to the collapse of the structure, instead with this fanduct it is possible to dissipate heat quickly, largely solving the problem.

Download link:   https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4860509



  • Longer Dual Blower Kit




The new Longer Dual Blower has been specially designed to allow a faster and more uniform emission of cooling air, thanks to two bilateral turbo fans and a double ventilation duct; in this way the prints are much more detailed and the bridging printing greatly improved.

  • The installation is very simple, and can be done by consulting this video guide:


  • The purchase is available on the Official Longer Store:


The fanducts of the Dual Blower are totally 3D printable, stl files are available if necessary.
Download link:   https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5585281