Longer Honeycomb Working Table

Longer Honeycomb Working Table

A Honeycomb Working Table is a working base used in laser cutting machines that has a surface composed of a structure similar to that of a honeycomb, usually made of aluminum or steel. Thanks to the presence of regular holes, this surface allows the laser to pass through the processing and thus cut the material more easily, also leaving gaps to escape the gases and particles produced during the cutting process.

Using an aluminum worktop such as the Longer Honeycomb Working Table has numerous advantages over using a flat worktop or other types of work surfaces. First of all, the honeycomb allows to minimize the contact between the material to be cut and the work surface, reducing the risk of damage to the material itself; In addition, the honeycomb structure provides solid support to the material being processed, preventing the surface of the material from bending or deforming during laser cutting.

Another important feature of Longer Honeycomb Working Table is that it helps to maintain a good circulation of gases that can collect in the work area during the cutting process, preventing burnt particles and combustion slag from sticking to the surface of the wood, improving the quality of the cut and reducing the risk of damage to the wood itself. In addition, the honeycomb structure can also reduce the thermal effect during laser cutting: in fact, when the laser hits the material, the heat produced can cause deformation, ripples or burns of the material, however the honeycomb can reduce the thermal effect because it allows heat to be dissipated evenly around the material, cooling it much faster than a closed base. However, it requires regular cleaning to ensure that the holes do not become clogged and that gas circulation is optimal. Finally, being totally open, Longer Honeycomb Working Table can be equipped with a suction system under it, in order to remove the combustion gases created by the laser during cutting, preventing smoke and particles from being dispersed into the environment and thus maintaining a clean and safe work area for the operator.

The Longer Honeycomb Working Table can be used when engraving or cutting a wide range of materials, including glass, wood, paper, textiles and metals, as its aluminum structure does not react with these materials. Moreover, thanks to its perfectly leveled and flat surface, the engravings are also improved because the laser beam manages to maintain an equidistance at all points of the material to be engraved.

If you do not use the Longer Honeycomb Working Table, several negative effects can occur in the laser cutting process. First, direct contact between the material to be cut and the surface of the worktable can increase the risk of damage to the material in the part in contact with the worktop due to the lack of heat dissipation. Secondly, burnt particles and slag produced during the cutting process can accumulate on the work surface, damaging it and causing permanent stains. For these reasons it is always recommended to use Longer Honeycomb Working Table which acts as a support for the workpiece and as a work surface, avoiding that the laser beam comes into contact with your table. In addition, Longer Honeycomb can be replaced relatively easily when it becomes too ruined by the many processes: this is undoubtedly much more convenient than having to change tables.

For these reasons, Longer Honeycomb Working Table is one of the best accessories for those who use a laser engraving and cutting machine, as it improves the quality of laser cutting, reduces damage to the cut material and increases the overall efficiency of the machining process.