Review about Longer Ray5 10W

Review about Longer Ray5 10W - LONGER

With its powerful 10–12W output, the Longer Ray5 10W laser engraver changes the game when of laser printing. In this full review we will go over all of the amazing features, and functions that make the Longer Ray5 10W the best choice for both professionals and hobbyists.

The Basics of How to Use the Longer Ray5 10W (10-12W Power)

When used for engraving, the Longer Ray5 10W is a technical marvel that will make both the quality and quantity of the work done much better. Because it has a powerful laser source, this engraving machine can perfectly engrave and cut a wide range of materials. Please let me break down how everything works with each other:

Laser Lighting Source:

The Ray5 10W, a very efficient laser light source that can make 10 to 12 watts of power, is the heart of the Longer Ray5.

Careful Attention to Point the Laser: The laser source sends out a wave of light that can be directed on the material's surface to do its job. A very precise control over where the focus is placed gives you the most accuracy, especially when working with complicated patterns.

A focused laser beam makes so much heat when it hits something that it either evaporates or burns. One thing that can be done with this method is engraving, and another is cutting. The results will be clean and accurate.

Precision and a sense of being in charge:  With the 3.5-inch touchscreen, you will have full control over the engraving process. You can make sure that every job is done properly by fine-tuning the parameters, changing how fast the engraving is done, and managing a lot of different tasks.

The 10 watt power of the Longer Ray5 10W makes it better at working with a wider range of surfaces. The fact that it works with many materials, such as wood, plastic, metal, glass, leather, and more, makes it a useful tool for many tasks.

Features of Ray5 10W (10-12W) that stand out

One reason the Longer Ray5 10W is such a great choice for laser printing and cutting is its 32-bit chipset system, which makes it much easier to use and faster. The carving work you do will go much more quickly and easily now with computer.

Display screen is 3.5 inches wide.

The great thing about the 3.5-inch monitor is that i lets you see the cutting process very clearly. You have full control over the speed of the writing, as well as the settings and everything else.

400x400mm Work Area

The work area is 400 mm by 400 mm, which is not only big, but also strong and long-lasting. The metal alloy plates will cover your work better to make your work safe from any damages.

0.06x0.06mm Laser Spot:

With a tiny laser spot that is only 0.06 by 0.06 millimeters, the Longer Ray5 10W is a precise tool that can be used for both engraving and cutting. It's easier to make complicated shapes with this tiny laser dot, which makes it possible to be very accurate.

10000 mm/min Work Speed:

The fast speed of 10,000 mm/min on this laser cutter makes sure that your projects will be finished quickly and correctly. The cuts are more accurate and shallower because the laser only touches a smaller part of the object for long span of time.

Powerful Cutting Capacity:

The Longer Ray5 10W has a heavy-duty cutting blade that can easily go through 20 mm of wood and 30 mm of plastic. It is a great choice for a lot of different cutting jobs because it uses a technology called Compression Spot.

Package Size:

The Longer Ray5 10W's case is 621 mm long, 299 mm wide, and 127 mm high, making it a small and easy-to-transport option. This makes sure that your engraver will get to you without any damage and in perfect working order.

Movement Protection:

To avoid mistakes, this machine has a feature called "Movement Protection" that turns it off right away if it is moved by accident during use. The addition of this extra protection step makes it less likely that something bad will happen.

Wide Compatibility:

The Longer Ray5 10W works great with many types of apps, such as the famous LaserGRBL and LightBurn. The MKSLaser app lets you handle and operate your laser from afar when you're on the same Wi-Fi network. This makes the printing process more flexible and easier.


We'll answer some of the most important questions about the Longer Ray5 10W below.

What kinds of things can I use in the laser engraver?

The Longer Ray5 10W can cut many different materials, such as wood boards, acrylic, plastic, cardboard, non-woven fabrics, etc.

What does the technology called "compressed double-beam" do in the 10W form of the Longer Ray5?

Compressed double-beam technology is used in the Longer Ray5 10W's laser heads. This makes the laser stronger and more accurate. Even though the laser beam is much smaller than the spot, the spot itself is 0.6 mm across. Because the target length of its laser is longer than 50 mm, it has a high energy density and can cut very well.

What will the engraved material feel like?

The Longer Ray5 10W makes carvings that are accurate, smooth, delicate, and nice to look at.

Could you please tell me how fast the Longer Ray5 10W can go?

The fastest speed that the Longer Ray5 10W can work at is 10,000 mm per minute. Everything will go off without a hitch and exactly as planned because it's all set up so well.

Does the Longer Ray5 10W make noise or movements when it's in use?

The Longer Ray5 10W works in a way that is both quiet and free of noises to make sure that the engraving process is done correctly. With lines that are so straight and clean, engraving is a breeze.

Does the laser engraving tool work with Windows and other popular operating systems?

There are several pieces of software that can be used with the Longer Ray5 10W. Along with MAC and Linux, the LightBurn software works with several versions of Windows, such as XP, 7, 8, and 10. Another thing is that it works with the Windows version of LaserGRBL.


The Longer Ray5 10W (10-12W Power) is the only laser engraving machine you need to go ahead with in printing field. It is highly customized in a lot of ways you can use it for both professionals and formal work.

You give life to your creative ideas with the accuracy and detail they deserve because you have to work with so many different materials, from wood and plastic to metal and leather. It is possible to make exact drawings because the laser's focus point has a laser spot that is only 0.06 by 0.06 mm. According to our research, the Longer Ray5 10W is the most cost-effective laser engraving machine on the market.