Steps of Orange 4K Color Upgrade to 4K Mono

Steps of Orange 4K Color Upgrade to 4K Mono

The Orange 4K Color Version 3D Printer upgrade to Orange 4K Mono steps:


  1. Download and unzip the appropriate firmware (Orange 4K Color or Orange4K Mono).     Firmware: Orange4KMono_1.3.2
  2. Copy the firmware file (Orange4K) to the root directory of a USB drive.
  3. Switch off your Orange 4K machine and connect the USB drive to it.
  4. Switch on your Orange 4K machine and wait for firmware update.
  5. The machine will reboot automatically after firmware update and become ready for printing.


As the UV intensity increases significantly after replacing 4K Color LCD with 4K Mono LCD, exposure parameters should be adjusted accordingly. Please refer to the manual on how to modify parameters through the touch screen. You can also change the parameters of a job file (*.lgs4k) on a computer with LongerWare.


Please follow this link to make the replacement of LCD Screen, be careful on changing. Youtube Video --> How to replace the LCD screen for Orange 4K


If there's any question or need further assistance on the upgrade procedure, please feel free to contact us at 

The Orange 4K Mono is built with 5.5 inch monochrome LCD screen, reaching 6480*3840 of resolution at 10.5/31.5µm and come with dual Z axis for steady printing, it's the finest LCD 3D Printer in the market right now. More information, please reach our Orange 4K Page HERE