Orange 4K Color shipment update #2

Orange 4K Color shipment update #2

Thanks for ordering the Orange 4K Color, while we are still working on the project. Now there's some news on the project to update.

  • Reboot randomly in aging test

When we assembled the first production printers, we took 80 units for aging test, since 28th Dec. to 20th Jan., and we found there're 7 units were restart during testing without any reason. And there're 3 units were reboot with white screen and error. 

While it's not in regular happened, we are still working on this issue to figure out the solution. It majory related with the mainboard, and we are changing some resistance and capicity to test again. 

  • Cooling fan issue

When in aging test more than 10 days, we found 5 printers were with abnormal temperature warning, with carefully checking and testing, we found the ratation speed of cooling fan is somehow decreased the speed after a long time working. We found this issue at 9th, then changed for new one with higher rotating speed. With 5 days testing, it's still in normal. 

The temperature warning issue will be test for another 10 days, if this issue is gone, we will change all the fan inside the printer. 

  •  LCD screen issue 

Before running with production of printer, the lcd screen were inspected by our IQC first, if the intensity of illumination is not reaching our standard, it will be take out for negative. When we assemble around 100 units from our production line, and put for aging test for 80 units totally. However, we found there're 9 units LCD screen is defective with problem, even it's normal to show and print at first. 

We changed drive board and checked the mainboard, all is ok. At first we thought it should be light sources problem and also asked our supplier for new one last week, and we got it to test immediately, but the problem is still there. 

We changed the new LCD screen for aging test again, we probably define it's the LCD screen issue.  We drove to our supplier factory and consulted with them to seek for solution, and we thought is might be the problem of manufacturing procedure. 

Worked with our supplier and analyzed together, the first reason we found is that there's some tiny gap between screen and cover, resin or humidity causing corrosion of the ITO connection area and making abnormal electrical signal conduction. Make it easy to say, the isolation is not so good as we expected. There's a ratio of lcd screen work in abnormal after a long time printing.

The solution is we are working with our supplier to remake the cover for lcd screen with better sealing glue and more strict precedure on covering. The lcd screen will be collected again and send them to our supplier to inspect again to check the tiny gap for better sealing.

  • Shipment & Chinese New Year holidays

We will be in Chinese new year holiday since 6th Feb. to 20th Feb., many of our suppliers are with the same or even longer holidays than us. Now we have several issues to be resolved and some issues need time for testing as well. 

Discuss with our R&D team carefully, we still hold for the shipment of 4K Color printers (even we has assembled for 100units), because we are still facing the obstacle of the lcd screen defetive and reboot issue, we need to make sure the mass production is under our QC standard and come with no issues. 

Considering the supply period from our suppliers, the shipping date of Orange 4K color printer need to postpone to around the beginning of March.  We are so sorry for the delayed but we are still working on it.

  • Compensation

Because the promised is delayed, some backers should expect to get the printer earlier, but finally, it's delayed. We will provide 2 bottles 1KG standard UV resin for each Orange 4K Color backer for free as compensation. 

  • 4K Mono Screen

The 4K mono screen is still waiting for schedule on production, as plan, the mono screen will be produced at March.

We apology for the delayed again, and we are always pushing our R&D team to resolve the issue ASAP, however, we have to make the hard decision to hold the printers for late shipment again to make sure to the issues will be resolved first. 

If there's any question or need further information, please feel free to contact us at

Thanks and Best regards,

Longer Team