LONGER Laser Engraver-Choosing the Right laser engraving machine

LONGER Laser Engraver-Choosing the Right laser engraving machine


When deciding on the right LONGER laser engraving machine for your home, it's crucial to consider your needs and preferences, especially when distinguishing between standard and portable models. Here are several factors to consider when choosing the ideal tool.


· Size and Portability
· Power and Engraving Versatility
· APP Support
· Product Safety
· Customer service
· Conclusion

Size and Portability

When considering a laser engraving machine, the size and portability factor play a crucial role, especially if you need to transport the machine easily or have limited workspace. In such cases, opting for a portable engraving machine is the ideal choice. LONGER Nano, known for its compact size and lightweight design, is perfect for projects where space is limited or for on-the-go tasks. However, if you require more professional-grade cutting capabilities, the LONGER LaserB1 40W is the optimal choice. 

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LONGER Nano: 12W Portable Laser Engraver

Power and Engraving Versatility

The laser engraving machine's cutting power and depth control capability are key factors determining its versatility and performance across various tasks. LONGER's diverse range of laser engraving machines, including the Ray5 series with options ranging from 5W to 20W and the LaserB1 series with power outputs from 20W to 40W, offer unparalleled cutting power and precise depth control.

LONGER RAY5 10W Laser Engraver | 10W Laser Cutter

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APP Support

Ensure compatibility with your operating system and design software when selecting a laser cutter. Our machines are designed to work seamlessly with LaserBurn, LaserGRBL, MKS and LaserBurn, which have been independently researched by LONGER. Therefore, choose a laser cutter that aligns with your project requirements and preferred software to optimize performance and achieve the best results.

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Product Safety

Safety is among the things to consider when using a laser engraver. By utilizing machines equipped with advanced safety features such as flame detection, movement detection, motionless protection, emergency stop buttons, and eye protection, you can significantly reduce the risk of accidents.

When choosing a laser engraving machine, prioritize user experience. Factor in the brand's reputation and the quality of after-sales service to ensure a positive overall experience. LONGER offers machines equipped with intuitive user interfaces, straightforward controls, and user-friendly engraving software, guaranteeing a seamless and efficient engraving process.

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Customer service

To ensure a smooth customer experience, it's crucial to inquire about the type of customer service offered by the company and whether they provide warranties for technical issues with their products. LONGER provides customer support via email at support@LONGER.net, ensuring prompt assistance in case of any malfunctions or technical problems with the device. This ensures peace of mind for customers, knowing that they can rely on timely support and resolution of any issues that may arise.

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With LONGER's eight years of professional research in laser engraving machines, seeking advice from other users with LONGER laser engraving machine experience and reading reviews are also beneficial. By considering these factors, you can make an informed decision and choose the best tool for your needs and preferences.