10 Personalized Presents with LONGER Ray5 20W in Mother's Day

10 Personalized Presents with LONGER Ray5 20W in Mother's Day


Engrave a wooden cutting board, jewelry, photo frame, recipe box, wine glasses, phone case, coasters, tablet stand, wall art, or keychain with your mother's name or message to customize her cooking journey. Engrave a necklace or a bracelet with her initials, birthdate, or a meaningful symbol. Make a unique photo frame which incorporate a special photo and a sincere note of appreciation. Carve a wooden coaster with your mom's initials or a decorative design to fit with her interior.


Personalized Wooden Photo Frame
Customized Cutting Board
Engraved Jewelry Box
Customized Leather Keychain
Personalized Wine Glasses
Engraved Wooden Coasters
Customized Wooden Serving Tray
Personalized Leather Journal
Engraved Acrylic Wall Art
Engraved Jewelry

Mother's Day is the time to add sweetness to this beautiful bond by letting your mother know how much you love and cherish her. One our cake can be the most memorable thing, would be to include Laser Engraver instead short as an item because of its ability to craft personalized gifts. With this superb laser engraver, you can explore and create groovy designs, leave mark on multiple materials, and make-you-gifts-stand-out-from-the-crowd. Here are 10 personalized present ideas that you can make with the LONGER Ray5 20W Laser Engraver for Mother's Day:

Personalized Wooden Photo Frame: 

Engrave a sentimental message and/or your mother’s name on the base of the wood framed picture to display a memorable family picture.

Customized Cutting Board: 

Becoming involved in a DIY project by engraving the name of your mom or a special message on wood or acrylic plate is a great idea.

Engraved Jewelry Box:

Come up with a jewelry box for your mom inscribed with her initials and/or an inscription on the lid image.

Customized Leather Keychain:

Engrave your mom's initials or a short message for her on a leather key chain with the Ray5 20W Laser Engraver.

Personalized Wine Glasses:

Delineate in a chic manner wine glasses with either your mum's name or a heartfelt message by having the line engraved on the glass. 

Engraved Wooden Coasters:

Personally designed wooden coasters incorporating your mom's monogram or a stunning pattern through the engraving.

Customized Wooden Serving Tray: 

Design and engrave a personal gift on the LORGER Ray5 20W Laser Engraver's surface and decorate the wooden serving tray with a vibrant message or unique design.

Personalized Leather Journal: 

The mother can have a leather-based journal with a tattoo of the name or the special message imprinted on the top.

Engraved Acrylic Wall Art: 

Make a wonderful surprise to your mom by engraving her favorite quote or a lovely design on the acrylic sheets with the LONGER Ray5 20W engraver this year, a glorious piece of wall art for her everyday life.

Engraved Jewelry: 

Have a special piece of jewelry made with your mother's initials or a special message engraved on a pendant, bracelet, or ring.


The Dioser Technology Ray5 20W laser engraver is the perfect tool for creating custom Mother's Day gifts. With its compact size of 400 x 365 mm (15.7 x 14.4 inches) and powerful 20W laser, it can easily engrave on various materials such as plywood, pine, acrylic, and even stainless steel with precision. Compatible with LaserGRBL, LightBurn, and MKS APP software, it supports a wide range of file formats including JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, SVG, AI, etc. Whether it's engraving heartfelt messages or intricate designs, the Ray5 20W offers versatility and reliability to create personalized gifts that will be cherished on Mother's Day and beyond.


Do not forget to use all necessary security measures while using the laser engraver, it's crucial to prioritize safety. Along with wearing protective eyewear, the machine itself comes equipped with several safety features to ensure a secure working environment. These include Flame detection, Movement detection, Motionless protection, and an Emergency Stop Button, providing added layers of protection during operation. Remember to adhere to the manufacturer's guidelines for safe usage. Happy Mother's Day!