5 Unbeatable Christmas Gifts to Make with a Longer Laser Cutter

5 Unbeatable Christmas Gifts to Make with a Longer Laser Cutter

5 Personalized Christmas Gifts to Make with LONGER Laser Engraving

Christmas shopping can be stressful, but, with LONGER laser engraving and some creativity, you can be stress free this holiday season. Using the LONGER RAY5 and some of our ideas below, you can create and customise festive gifts for your family. 

1. Customized Christmas Mug

A mug of hot chocolate on a cold Christmas evening is one of winter’s simplest delights. But, since mugs are low effort and impersonal gifts, many people don’t give their closest friends and family mugs.

Using laser engraving, however, you can make and customise an original mug so your finished product will be just as unique as your friend. As long as you choose a style that isn’t festive, your loved one can sip from this mug for the rest of the year, making it a practical and thoughtful family gift.

How to Make an Engraved Christmas Mug…

Select a white or colored ceramic mug and clean the surface thoroughly with rubbing alcohol. Design your engraving using your chosen graphic design software. Load your design into the laser engraver. Using a LONGER laser rotary roller, it will take no time at all for your LONGER RAY5 to engrave your mug. Don’t forget, to make sure your design is perfect, you should run a test first and then position the mug meticulously in your laser engraving machine.

Tip: The fun doesn’t stop with mugs as long as you have the LONGER RAY5 laser cutter by your side. You should try engraving and decorating some tumblers, water bottles, champagne glasses and cafetières. Or, why not make use of the LONGER RAY5’s capabilities as a wood engraving machine so you can make personalized chopping boards and other kitchen utensils?

2. Beautiful Christmas Beanie

Your loved ones need some stylish and fashionable winter outfits to combat Christmas time’s cold weather. Beanies are a super simple personalized family gift that you can make using your laser engraver. You can add their name, a festive message, or a cute image of a tree or snowman, but whatever design you put on the beanie, one thing is for sure, this gift is going to be a big hit.

There is no more versatile and appropriate for all ages gift than a personalised beanie, making them a superlative gift for all of your loved ones. If your family is very close and loves to go on Christmas outings forever, it’s a sweet idea to create a matching set for your whole family. Remember what your loved one’s fashion sense is like so you can choose a beautiful beanie that they will love to wear and keep forever.

How to Make a Personalized Christmas Beanie…

A good quality beanie is required for this project, alongside a couple of leather patches and your good sewing skills to finish off. To keep your spending as low as possible or make a cruelty-free gift, choose some artificial leather patches which will work just as well as a decoration on your beanie. Next, now you’ll need to design your engraving using your favorite design software, place the patch into the LONGER RAY5 laser engraving machine and just watch as your creation comes to life before your very eyes. To finish off, you will have to sew or glue the patch onto your beanie, which is a very simple process and makes beanies the perfect option for beginner engravers who are strapped for time.

Tip: Make use of some handy heat-transfer vinyl, which when you put it in your laser cutter, can be used to make countless personalized clothing items and all you need to do is iron them on. This Christmas, you can fill your loved one’s wardrobes with a massive variety of stylish clothing like T-shirts and hoodies and scarves and baby clothes.

3. Customized Christmas Jewelry

Jewelry has always been a special and thoughtful gift at Christmas time. Personalized Christmas jewelry is also great to commemorate a special event, especially if you add a date or a sweet message to your pendant. Your loved ones can even use this gift as a home decoration.

Just like the beanie, if your recipient has a special sense of style, it’s easy to customize jewelry that will fit right into their wardrobe. Necklaces, bracelets, engraved rings and earrings are all possible with the LONGER RAY5 laser engraver.

How to Make Personalized Christmas Jewelry…

You can choose your favorite acrylic sheets and metal accessories. Design your favorite Christmas ornaments using some software connected to your laser engraver. Snowmen, Christmas trees and snowflakes are all beautiful to look at. Remember, you need two earrings. Use your LONGER RAY5 with a 20w attachment to cut out the shape. Attach the shape to the chain, hooks or ring - use a longer chain for a necklace and a shorter chain for a bracelet.

Tip: Decorate your personalized Christmas jewelry by incorporating gemstones. Take note of what kinds of gems, diamonds and jewels your loved one likes to wear. Simply glue these onto the final piece for a sparkling necklace or bracelet that’s full of festive cheer. You can even use a laser cutter to form the gems in your desired shape.

 4. Engraved Christmas Picture Frames

Christmas is a special time of year and one of the only times the whole family can get together. Create lifelong Christmas memories by gifting your loved ones a Christmas frame made with a laser engraver. Include a special photo to complete this family gift.

This personalized gift is great for those who are new to laser engraving. It also offers a huge range of options for designs - you can engrave names, dates, messages and even images into your Christmas picture frame.

How to Make an Engraved Christmas Picture Frame…

You will need a wooden frame of any size for this home decoration. Take the frame’s measurements and create a design that fits the edges. Place your frame in the wood engraving machine and add the design. This process shouldn’t take long, so be sure to do a test beforehand to make sure the design works well. Once your frame is completed, add your photo and you’re all done.

Tip: If you use the same laser cutter you used to create personalized Christmas jewelry to add embellishments to your frame, your frame will undoubtedly be taken to the next level. All you’ll need to do is to simply cut out some Christmas shapes from acrylic with your laser engraver and then use some good quality glue to stick them to your frame.


5. Laser Engraved Christmas Bauble

Finally, no Christmas is complete without some beautiful baubles to decorate the tree. Thankfully, it couldn’t be easier to engrave a bauble ornament and make stunning family gifts with a laser engraving machine. Be sure to make a note of the kind of baubles and home decorations your loved ones like to hang, so your gift doesn’t look out of place.

Whether you want to engrave an existing bauble or make your own acrylic home decoration and then customize it, the possibilities are endless. The best part about gifting a laser-engraved Christmas bauble is that your loved ones can use it every year and be reminded of you.

How to Make a Laser Engraved Christmas Bauble…

You will need a bauble of any shape and color. Create your design using your design software and load it into the LONGER RAY5. Remember to use your LONGER laser rotary roller to hold your bauble in place. Engrave the design and then add some glitter or a glossy finish to complete your home decoration.

Tip: Why not take this family gift to the next level with a unique addition like a QR code? When your friends or family are scanning this code, it will lead them to a video montage or photo album of all your special memories together that you have made separately. It couldn’t be much easier, when you have the help of LONGER laser engraving, to upload a perfect QR code to your RAY5 machine which will then engrave it onto your beautiful Christmas bauble.

The LONGER RAY5 10W Is Your Little Helper This Holiday Season

With the enduring assistance of the LONGER RAY5 laser engraving machine from LONGER, you can let your creative potential fly as you work together to create, make and decorate countless perfect gifts for everyone who you love. The machine has precision engraving and laser cutter capabilities, and best of all, it’s available to you at an affordable price that is the best in market, so heartfelt, customized gifts are merely a few minutes away.

Why should you be choosing the LONGER RAY5 as your go-to laser engraver:

Delicate Detailed Designs For Everyone - The LONGER RAY5 has an unbetable combination of an ultra-fine 5.5W optical output and the 0.08 x 0.08mm FAC compressed laser, and this coupling means for you that the LONGER RAY5 will always allow you to create a huge amount of gorgeous, detailed designs, so if you can dream it, then the RAY5 desktop laser engraver can certainly achieve it for you.

You Won’t Find Better Ease of Use - The LONGER RAY5 is the best and most loved option for those who are new to laser engravers and the art of laser engraving this Christmas. The LONGER RAY5 is what is known as a desktop laser engraver, so this means that it can be set up and getting to work in no time at all and it even works hand in hand with a range of your favourite design software. The machine is equipped with perfect offline cutting capabilities, and this means that you don’t even need to connect the RAY5 to your computer or the internet to get creating some incredible designs. All you need to do is simply to use the 3.5-inch touchscreen to locate your design file and get started with engraving.

Versatile Compatibility for Lots of Different Materials - It doesn’t matter whether you might be looking for a wood engraving machine or a laser engraver that can engrave acrylic, ceramic, leather, glass or some other material you can dream up because the LONGER RAY5 has always got your back no matter what you want to design. The 400mm x 400mm (15.75’’ x 15.75’’) workspace is definitely big and large enough to fit a sheet of whatever material you are choosing, and this is great for allowing you to create designs that are much bigger because bigger is always better. The laser is upgradable to 10W/20W laser modules, so if you want to do something different, don’t be afraid to test your creativity with the LONGER RAY5 and an upgraded laser by your side.

Always Putting Your Safety Above Everything - Just the same as all our LONGER laser engraving and cutting machines, the RAY5 comes to you with 5 built-in safety protections to ensure you have a fun and safe time when creating Christmas gifts. These are thermal protection, which ceases cutting if there is a danger of fire and alerts you with an alarm, move protection to stop cutting if the machine is out of place, motionless protection to turn the laser off if there is a motion issue, an acrylic laser cover to protect your eyes, and an emergency stop button.


And there you have it - 5 unbeatable family gift ideas to make this Christmas with the help of the LONGER RAY5 laser engraving machine. With just one laser engraver, you open the door to endless gifting opportunities for your loved ones, friends and colleagues. No matter what your loved ones like, there’s a way to decorate it with laser engraving. So, now you have everything you need, it’s the time to unleash your festive spirit and get engraving with your new laser engraver to create some gifts this Christmas season.

There is a place for comments on this post, so if you want to, you can share your laser engraving machine creations and any tips with us and other laser engraver lovers. Or, if you’ve made some Christmas gifts with your machine, you must tell us which gift you made with your LONGER RAY5 that you are the most proud of?

Remember, if you maybe need some help with your creations or if you might have some questions about LONGER laser engraving, we are always available for you to get into contact with us. You can either email our expert team with the email sales@longer3d.com, or check out our other contact information here. A member of our LONGER team is always available and more than ready to assist you with any enquiries or issues you might come across when making your Christmas gifts.