Handheld Laser Engraving Machine——Longer Nano

Handheld Laser Engraving Machine——Longer Nano - LONGER

With the advancement of laser engraving technology, laser engraving machines are no longer expensive, bulky equipment but have become more portable, making them applicable in a wider range of scenarios. The Longer team has introduced a brand new portable laser engraving machine, the Longer Nano. This portable laser engraving machine opens up endless creative possibilities for users, allowing laser engraving to extend beyond the confines of traditional studio environments and be carried out anytime, anywhere. Purchase now on Kickstarter.

The portability of the Longer Nano enables users to engrave anytime and anywhere, enhancing flexibility and convenience. Users simply need to detach the main unit and lift bracket, making it easily portable for use. When used outdoors, the Nano can run for over 3 hours on a mobile power supply, making it effortlessly transportable for outdoor use.

Whether in a studio or outdoors, creative art can be crafted anytime and anywhere with Nano. Instantly carve emerging inspirations onto wood, metal, leather, denim, and other preferred materials to create unique works of art such as carved paintings, sculptures, decorations, and more.

Nano adds personalized touches to a variety of gifts and souvenirs. For instance, hand-held carving at outdoor events creates personalized gifts and decorations.

Nano offers boundless opportunities for DIY enthusiasts. Nano can be utilized to conduct creative workshops, teaching participants how to use Nano for DIY projects. This allows them to experience the joy of laser carving, using Nano to craft wooden toys, models, home decor, DIY crafts, and more, turning their creative ideas into reality.

In essence, portable laser engraving machines have a wide range of applications, covering artistic creation, personalized customization, outdoor crafting, and more. The launch of Longer Nano provides users with a convenient and flexible platform for creation, enabling creativity to flourish anytime, anywhere. With the ongoing development of laser technology, Longer anticipates that portable laser engraving machines will continue to innovate and find new applications in various fields. Click here to visit Longer official website.

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