Lens Cleaning for Longer B1 30W & 40W
Longer B1 30W & 40W has a laser module capable of engraving and cutting multiple types of materials. However, depending on the type of work that is carried out, it is possible that a fair amount of smoke is produced,...
Lightburn WiFi Bridge - Longer Ray5
Longer Ray5 adopts an MKS DLC32 mainboard, characterized by USB connectivity, wireless technology, microSD card reading, touchscreen display with graphic interface and total interaction with your smartphone through the MKSLaser application. The most common method of using Longer Ray5 is...
LONGER Fans share: Restore postpartum mood with Ray5 20W
As Mother's Day approaches, it's a time to celebrate the unconditional love and resilience of mothers everywhere. And for this special time, LONGER's support mailbox received a healing message from Sarah in Spain, which a powerful women beat postpartum depression....