TCHC TR6 Anti Leakage Hotend
The Hotend is the part of an FDM 3D printer that deals with the melting and deposition of molten plastic material. A Hotend consists of a Nozzle that deals with depositing the molten material, a Heatblock that deals with the...
Hotend Replacement for Longer FDM 3D Printer
While using an FDM 3D printer, you may need to replace the Hotend. In fact, a little space between Heatbreak and Nozzle, or a failure of the Heatsink fan, or any other type of problem could cause a clog that...
Comment réparer l'extrudeuse en anormal
Lorsqu'il y a un problème d'inturer à partir d'une plus longue imprimante LK1 / LK4 / LK4 PRO / LK5 PRO 3D, comment le réparer? Il y a généralement deux raisons dans lesquelles l'extrudeuse fonctionne anormalement. 1. Buse encrasséeDans ce...