How to choose a laser engraving machine suitable for starting a business

How to choose a laser engraving machine suitable for starting a business

In today's society, personalized customized products have become a trend, especially in the market for gifts and daily necessities. People's demand for unique products is increasing day by day. Therefore, laser engraving machine entrepreneurship has also ushered in huge opportunities.

Let’s take a look at the market demand. One-size-fits-all products are no longer enough to meet consumer needs. Users are increasingly inclined to choose products that are personalized and reflect their own taste, whether for daily use or as gifts for relatives and friends. This includes a series of products such as customized jewelry and personalized mobile phone cases.

The laser engraving machine is a powerful tool that can meet this demand. It's capable of fine engraving and cutting on a variety of materials, whether it's wood, plastic, leather or metal, with ease. This means that as long as you are creative and have ideas, you can use a laser engraving machine to design ever-changing products.

After confirming that the laser engraving machine has sufficient market potential, what we need to consider is the business method. Should we choose to open a shop or set up a stall?

First, we have to talk about the benefits of setting up a stall. Low cost is one of the most attractive aspects of setting up a stall. You don't need to rent an expensive store, just a small stall to start your business. Moreover, it’s up to you to set up your stall however you want. Let’s talk about high liquidity, which is another trump card for setting up a stall. You can change places at any time according to changes in the flow of people, and you can always find the most suitable location. When festivals are here, go to places with a lot of people; during normal times, find a place with a steady flow of people. In short, you decide your business.

Of course, we cannot fail to mention the role that laser engraving machines play in this. Now that we have chosen to set up a stall, we must choose a laser engraving machine that has good performance and is easy to carry.

Here I only recommend LONGER RAY5 20W. This guy is lightweight, portable, and easy to operate. It doesn’t require you to have any advanced skills at all. You only need simple learning to get started and start your creative carving.
Even though the price of RAY5 20 watt laser engraving machine is cheap, it has all the functions it should have.

1. High-speed engraving: LONGER RAY5 20W has a maximum engraving speed of 10000mm/min, which means you can complete an engraving work in a few seconds, greatly improving work efficiency. For setting up a stall, time is money. Being able to serve every customer quickly means that you can serve more customers and earn more income.

2. High precision: The laser spot size of 0.08mm*0.10mm can finely process complex and small patterns, which is a huge advantage for personalized customized products that require fine craftsmanship.

3. Strong stability: The machine has excellent stability, which is very important for stall environments that often require mobile equipment. You don’t need to worry about your equipment getting damaged in transit, or malfunctioning after working for many hours.

4. Multi-material compatibility: Able to handle a variety of different materials, including wood, leather, plastic, etc., which means you can provide a richer variety of products to meet the needs of different customers.

5. Easy to operate: The operation interface is simple and intuitive, even laser engraving novices can get started quickly. It also has a 3.5-inch display screen for online operation. This is very important when setting up a stall, as you may not have much time to train your staff or learn complex operations yourself.

6. Safety protection: Equipped with limit switch, infrared flame protection device, and mobile drop suspension protection device. When using a laser engraving machine, safety is one of the most important issues. LONGER RAY5 20W comes with multiple security protection configurations to protect the safety of your creations.

7. Low maintenance cost: RAY5 20w diode laser has low maintenance cost, which is a huge advantage for setting up a stall, because you may not have much budget for equipment maintenance.

Not only that, LONGER also has a very active and resourceful online community. Here, users can find tons of tutorials, tips and creative inspiration. No matter what question you encounter, you can find answers in the community or ask other experienced users directly for help. This is especially valuable for novices because they can quickly learn how to use a laser engraving machine, allowing you to get into the laser engraving machine business more quickly.

Secondly, they also offer a wealth of online tutorials and guides that cover everything from basic setup to advanced techniques. These tutorials usually come with detailed steps and clear pictures or videos, ensuring users can easily follow and understand. This means that even if you are a complete novice in laser engraving, you can master the use of the product in a short time.

In general, setting up a stall to sell laser engraving machines is definitely a good choice due to its low cost, high liquidity, and the ease of operation of the LONGER laser engraving machine.

After the project and equipment are confirmed, be sure not to be careless, and other opening preparations must also be made to avoid falling into pitfalls when setting up a stall to start a business. This is a technical job! First of all, you have to do market research, and you can’t be careless about this. You have to look at different intersections to see where the most traffic is. Don't underestimate this flow of people, it is one of the key factors that determine the success of your business. Moreover, you have to consider the situation during holidays. Some places usually don’t have many people, but when holidays come, the flow of people will increase.

Let’s talk about product pricing, which is also a science. You have to set it according to the local consumption level. Don’t set it too high, and don’t set it too low. A good reference is to look at local catering and steak prices, which can give you a rough idea of where the market is.

In general, although setting up a stall to start a business is a good thing, you still need to be cautious and make adequate preparations and research to ensure that your business can make money steadily and avoid pitfalls.