Lens Cleaning for Longer Ray5 10W

Lens Cleaning for Longer Ray5 10W

Longer Ray5 10W has a laser module capable of engraving and cutting multiple types of materials. However, depending on the type of work that is carried out, it is possible that a fair amount of smoke is produced, which can inevitably settle on the lens of the laser module and therefore blur it. Once the lens of the laser module is dirty or clouded, the laser beam can no longer pass through it and therefore the emission of the laser module is drastically reduced. As a consequence, more and more power will be needed to engrave the same materials already engraved previously, until it will be practically impossible to engrave any type of material even setting 100% power. This problem occurs most when an air assist system is not used; In fact, an Air Assist system allows you to create air pressure in the vicinity of the lens, thus preventing smoke and dust from settling easily on the lens.

In order to solve this problem, it is necessary to proceed to cleaning the lens of the laser module; Once the lens is cleaned, the laser beam can pass through it without suffering losses and therefore the materials will be engraved or cut again to perfection.

To proceed with the cleaning of the lens of the laser module of Longer Ray5 10W it is necessary first to completely disassemble the laser module, as shown in the figure:

The laser module of the Longer Ray5 10W has a factory-installed protective lens, which can be unscrewed and cleaned separately from the laser module. This lens is a simple protective glass, and has no focusing function. After removing the protective lens, you can proceed to clean the lens with the use of a cotton swab soaked in alcohol. Be careful to prevent alcohol from entering the inside of the lens.

Use one or more cotton swabs soaked in alcohol, until the lens is completely clean and free of dirt; at this point, therefore, you can proceed to screw it to the laser module and reassemble the laser module of Longer Ray5 10W. At the end of the cleaning procedure, you can proceed to engrave a sample file contained in the microSD card of Longer Ray5 10W, so you can evaluate the total restoration of the functionality of the laser module.