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Create a Customized Valentines with an Advanced Laser Engraver

Gifting your lover during Valentine's Day isn't a walk in the park. Apparently, finding a gift that counts is quite challenging. Unfortunately, off-the-shelf gifts are never a good idea at such times because they’re common. The best way to beat the monotony is by customizing the gift. At Longer, we know the significance of tailoring gifts to fit the occasion and the receiver’s preferences. Our high-end lasers, especially the portable laser engraver offer impeccable solutions for crafting customized gifts for you. 

Why Choose Laser Engraving for Your Valentine's Gifts

When personalizing your gifts, you will discover that laser engraving provides unmatched flexibility, precision, and the ability to stretch sketch and carve your emotions into a tangible object. Also, the laser-engraved gift will stand the test of time, giving your gesture of love durability. Our machines have been built with personal users and small businesses in mind, providing user-friendliness and flexibility without tampering with quality. 

Unleashing Creativity with Longer's Laser Engravers

We have an impressive portfolio with the most incredible laser cutters, great for small enterprises that allow users to express their creativity in this month of love by crafting unique gifts for Valentine’s Day. Imagine having the ability to carve a heartfelt message on a jewelry piece or adding a cherished memory in a photo frame. This is possible using our laser engravers. Our machines work with a wide variety of materials. So, you won’t be limited as you try to add a personal touch to your gifts.

Our Journey to Creating the Perfect Laser Engraver

For years, we have relentlessly been pursuing excellence and innovation whenever we design or develop our machines. From the beginning, Longer has been dedicated to building laser engravers that meet and supersede the expectations of the users. Our greatest milestones include the launch of the Laser B1 desktop laser engraving machine and the RAY5 desktop laser engraver. These two products perfectly showcase our focus on improving innovation and product quality. They also uncover our vision of developing cutting-edge laser engraving technology that is accessible to a wider audience.

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Your First Engraved Gift

The experience of crafting customized Valentine’s gifts with our portable laser marking machine is always an exhilarating experience. The user-friendliness of this machine will make every hurdle a cheap possibility for you. Also, you will be thrilled to see your ideas manifest into a tangible reality. Here, we have provided a beginner-friendly guide that will usher you into the world of laser marking.

  1. Selecting the Design: Laser engraving always starts with an idea. So, you must look for a message or design that resonates with your loved one and a thoughtful design on how to present it. We offer compatible software that works with various files, making it easy for beginners to choose and upload their preferred designs.
  2. Material Preparation: To succeed in making your unique Valentine’s gift, you must source and prepare the right materials. Our machines can effectively engrave on metal, acrylic, wood, and other materials. However, ensure the materials and clean and positioned properly on the engraving bed to get the best results.
  3. Machine Setup: This involves powering on the laser engraving machine and connecting it to your computer. After doing that, upload your design using our compatible software and adjust the position, size, and engraving depth.
  4. Safety: When engraving, always prioritize your safety by keeping the workstation properly ventilated and putting on protective eyewear. Do not leave the machine unattended while operating and ensure flammable materials aren’t within the engraving area.
  5. Test Engrave: Carry out a test run using the same material before engraving your final piece. This will enable you to know if the design settings are perfect.
  6. Final Engraving: If the test is perfect, you can continue engraving your design. You can now watch in awe how the machine engraves your idea into the Valentine’s gift.
  7. Finishing Touches: After finishing the engraving process, you can add any of your preferred finishing touches such as sealing or painting.

Success Stories: Small Businesses Thriving with Longer Laser Engravers

Most small enterprises have encountered growth and success by integrating our machines into their production process. Here are testimonials posted by some of our customers. 

Crafts and Creations: Using the best laser engraver for small businesses has enabled us to provide tailored products. This has given us a competitive edge against our competitors and given us a unique niche in the market.  We are now having many repeat businesses because the clients love the uniqueness of our products.

Design Studio: The reliability and precision of the Longer Small Business laser engraver have enabled us to provide personalized home décor. With the help of this machine, we are now serving a unique and high-end niche in our target market.

Longer’s Dependable After-Sales Support

Longer doesn’t leave its clients in the cold after selling their machines. We are always dedicated to offering sales support to ensure users don’t encounter a hitch while using our laser engravers. We are always closer to our clients, ready to offer guidance on anything affecting them or our products. Contact us for professional assistance anytime. 

Valentine's Day Promo

Longer is taking the initiative to make this Valentine’s celebration worthwhile for lovers by giving an exclusive offer that will enable them to personalize gifts. During this limited time, you can enjoy amazing discounts on our portable engravers and the best laser engraver for small enterprises. It doesn’t matter if you are a business owner intending to produce more customized gifts for Valentine’s Day sale or a lover trying to impress your sweetheart with an amazing gift, our promotion offers something good for everyone. So, allow Longer to make this Valentine’s Day the most memorable for your loved one.

You can exploit this opportunity to possess a Longer laser engraver at a great price. It is wise to hurry because this offer is only available on Valentine’s Day.


Tailoring Valentine’s gifts using our laser engravers will infuse love and thoughtfulness into anything you give to your lover. Therefore, we encourage our esteemed clients to explore our machines as they commence their adventure in laser engraving by creating customized gifts. Longer is here to support you in this endeavor and make your experience great.


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