Home use laser engraver LONGER Ray5 and LaserB1 series

Home use laser engraver LONGER Ray5 and LaserB1 series


LONGER laser engraving machines combine quality, affordability, and user-friendly features, making them the preferred choice for home users, hobbyists, and small businesses seeking precision and ease of use in their engraving and cutting projects.


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Home users opt for LONGER laser engraving machines due to the combination of quality and affordability. LONGER has dedicated 8 years to professional research in laser engraving machines and 3D printers. The two co-founders are Ph.D. graduates from MIT and Georgia Tech, respectively, leading a team of researchers from top universities worldwide. Committed to harnessing cutting-edge technology, LONGER strives to produce the highest quality products at the best value for customers. Despite this commitment to excellence, LONGER operates with minimal profit margins, prioritizing customer satisfaction and affordability above all else.

LONGER offers a range of laser engraving machines with different power levels, from the RAY5 5W to 20W, LaserB1 20W to 40W model. The power level of the laser is directly correlated with the speed of engraving or cutting, allowing users to adjust settings to achieve optimal results for their projects. One of the key features of LONGER laser engraving machines is their compatibility with a wide range of materials, including wood, fabrics, metal, paper, and anodized aluminum. However, it's important to note that materials like PVC should be avoided due to the emission of toxic fumes during engraving. 

These machines are capable of working with various materials such as metals, wood, and plastics, offering precise engraving with minimal setup time. LONGER’s machines are equipped with high-precision technology, enabling users to create intricate patterns, detailed lines, and precise shapes with 100% accuracy. Additionally, LONGER laser engraving machines come with user-friendly software that supports various file formats and allows for easy connectivity via USB or wireless interface. Safety measures are also incorporated into the design of LONGER machines, including safety covers, emergency stop buttons, and protective interlocks to prevent accidents during operation.



Despite their numerous benefits, it's essential to acknowledge the limitations of home laser engraving machines compared to industrial-grade equipment. However, for hobbyists, artists, and small businesses, LONGER laser engraving machines offer a cost-effective solution for exploring creative opportunities, provide home users with quality, affordability, precision, and ease of use, making them ideal for a wide range of engraving and cutting projects. With their versatility and user-friendly features, these machines open up a world of creative possibilities for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

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