How Longer's Laser B1 Engraver is Changing the Game for Small Business Owners Longer

How Longer's Laser B1 Engraver is Changing the Game for Small Business Owners

Small businesses are ditching cookie-cutter products and embracing laser engraving, the once-secret weapon of giants. Now, entrepreneurs infuse their creations with individuality, thanks to brands like Longer, a leader in 3D printing and laser engraving innovation.

The Laser B1 isn't just a tool; it's a workshop revolution. This 30W powerhouse opens a world of possibilities: detailed logos on coasters, heartfelt messages on jewelry, and personalized phone cases that tell unique stories. It's the key to unlocking a future where every creation is a bespoke masterpiece, as distinctive as the artisan behind it.

Background of Longer

Longer was established in 2016 by two brilliant professionals Dr. Law from the Georgia Institute of Technology and Dr. He from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. With their passion for technology, they wanted to make great changes in the 3D printing and laser engraving landscape. Their secret weapon? A deep understanding of these game-changing technologies and a bold vision – to make them accessible and affordable for everyone, not just big corporations.

Fast forward to today, and Longer's journey is nothing short of impressive. They've ripped RepRapPro, a leader in 3D printing, and unbridled a whole line of ground-breaking products. However, the Laser B1 is a pioneering product, a testament of the unwavering commitment of its founders in creating innovative technological products that can be used by creators, entrepreneurs, and makers from all walks of lives. So, next time you see something laser-etched that makes you say "wow," remember Longer – the name behind the magic, fueled by the dreams of two brilliant minds.

Introducing the Laser B1 Engraver: Your Small Business Superhero in a Box

Picture a machine that can bring your creative visions to life with the precision of a Swiss watch and the speed of a lightning bolt. Enter the Laser B1 30W engraver, the standout hero in our product lineup and the ultimate ally for small businesses like yours.

This is no ordinary laser engraver. It's a powerhouse, armed with a robust 6-Core diode and a laser delivering a punch of 33-36W. Need intricate designs on a delicate pendant? The Laser B1 has you covered. Craving to effortlessly slice through thick basswood? Consider it done. Its expansive A3 work area provides the flexibility to tackle projects of all sizes, from tiny treasures to wall-sized masterpieces.

Yet, the Laser B1 is more than just muscle. It's a speedster, fueled by a lightning-fast 32-bit chipset that races through engravings at up to 36,000 mm/minute. Less waiting time, more creating time, and the ability to produce even the most intricate designs in record time.

For small businesses, this means practical superpowers:

  • Faster Turnaround Times: Get products out the door quicker and keep your customers happy.
  • Increased Productivity: Bid farewell to slow, tedious tasks and embrace a streamlined workflow.
  • Unleash Your Creativity: Take on complex, detailed projects you never thought possible.
  • Increase Your Bottom Line: Offer your clients unique and custom-made products that stands out from the rest.

The Laser B1 isn't just a tool; it's a game-changer. It's a catapult for your business, a spark for creative freedom, and a ticket to a world of possibilities. So, break free from limitations and embrace the Laser B1 revolution.

Let the crafting begin!

Impact on Small Businesses

Double your output, halve your stress: The Laser B1 isn't just about fancy gadgets; it's about cold, hard numbers. Woodworking studios report a 50% increase in production thanks to the B1's high-speed engraving. Jewelry makers boast a 20% reduction in turnaround times, meaning happy customers and more orders rolling in. For small businesses, the Laser B1 is a productivity rocket, fueling growth and profitability one precise etch at a time.

Take, for instance, a small custom gift shop that recently incorporated the Laser B1 into their workflow. Prior to this, they relied on outsourced services for detailed engravings, which not only increased costs but also extended lead times. With the Laser B1, they now create intricate designs in-house, offering personalized items at a faster rate and lower cost. This shift has not only boosted their profitability but also enhanced their reputation for quality and creativity.

Unlike traditional methods and other products in the market, the Laser B1 engraver distinguishes itself through its precision, speed, and cost-effectiveness. This engraver allows businesses to handle projects that seemed costly or impractical with outdated technology. The efficiency and quality of the Laser B1 mean that small businesses can compete more effectively in the market, offering products that rival those of larger companies.

Innovative Features for Advanced Crafting

The Laser B1's innovative features are at the core of its success. Imagine a machine that whisks away smoke and heat, leaving behind crisp, clean cuts in its wake. That's the magic of the Laser B1's Auto-Air-Assist system, your very own mini-tornado at the command of the laser. No more singed edges or blurry lines, just pristine perfection that keeps your laser purring happily for years to come.

Think intricate 3D models or impossibly fine detailing on delicate materials. The Laser B1's lightning-fast 32-bit chipset tackles even the most complex designs with breathtaking precision. Forget pixelated messes, this tech wizard ensures your creations are the envy of the craft fair.

But fear not, even with all this power, safety comes first. The Laser B1 is as secure as a bank vault, with a sturdy enclosure and lightning-fast emergency stop functions. So, whether you're a seasoned maker or a curious newbie, you can craft with confidence.

And the best part? This isn't just a tool, it's a portal to your creative playground. From personalized keychains that melt hearts to jaw-dropping wall art, the Laser B1 sets your imagination free. With this device, your possibilities are endless whether you are etching leather, painting using light, or carving wood.

So, ditch the cookie-cutter creations and join the Laser B1 revolution. It's the best time to unbridle your inner artist and captivate your clients, and leave your competitors in the dust.

User Experience and Support

At Longer, we recognize that the user experience is as crucial as the product itself, a philosophy embedded in the design of our acclaimed Laser B1, celebrated as the best laser engraving machine for small business. Here's how we prioritize your experience:

  • User-Friendly Setup

The Laser B1's setup process is intentionally straightforward, accommodating both novices and experienced users. Beginners can seamlessly start their journey into laser engraving, ensuring a hassle-free introduction to this creative realm.

  • Intuitive Operation

The Laser B1 boasts operational intuitiveness, featuring a gentle learning curve accessible to users of all skill levels. Our commitment to empowering customers is evident in the user-friendly design that reflects our dedication.

  • Comprehensive Tutorials and Guides

We've made substantial investments in developing extensive tutorials and guides, aiming to support users on their creative journey. These resources offer valuable insights, enabling every user to unlock the full potential of their Laser B1.

  • Customer Support and After-Sales Services

Our commitment goes beyond the sale; Longer's customer support and after-sales services are tailored for prompt and effective solutions.

We take pride in being responsive and helpful, ensuring every Longer user feels supported throughout their entire experience.

  • Vibrant User Community

Longer has cultivated a vibrant community where users connect, share insights, exchange tips, and showcase creative ideas. With our online tutorials and forums, you will have rich resources that will help you in learning, inspiring you, and collaborating your efforts.

  • Access to a Network of Enthusiasts and Professionals:

Joining the Longer community grants users access to a wealth of knowledge and a network of like-minded enthusiasts and professionals. This collaborative environment ensures that users can continuously learn and grow within a supportive community.


Looking ahead, it's evident that the Laser B1 surpasses being a mere tool; it stands as a catalyst for creativity and growth. We encourage you to envision how this remarkable machine could redefine your business, elevate your craft, and broaden the horizons of what's achievable. With Longer B1 engraver, you are assured of advanced technology and innovation that will bring even the most ambitious imaginations to life.

So, ditch the dream factory and step into the Laser Workshop. Ready to join the revolution? The B1 is waiting.

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