LONGER fans share: a father's youth etched in time with Laser B1 40W

LONGER fans share: a father's youth etched in time with Laser B1 40W

The LONGER fan who submitted this story is from Florida, USA. As Father’s Day approached, Sarah found herself searching for the perfect gift for her father, James. James had always been a man of simple pleasures and deep passions. A retired firefighter, he had spent his life saving others, risking his life in the process. Now, in his golden years, he had discovered a new passion: woodworking. His garage had transformed into a workshop, filled with the scent of pine and the sound of saws and sanders.

Sarah had heard about the LONGER Laser B1 40W laser engraving machine and thought it might be the perfect addition to his workshop. She imagined him using it to add intricate designs and personal touches to his creations. Without hesitation, she purchased the machine, excited to see his reaction.


On Father’s Day, Sarah presented the gift to her father. His eyes lit up with childlike wonder as he unwrapped the box. "A laser engraver?" he exclaimed. "I've always wanted one of these!" James immediately set it up, eager to test its capabilities. The Laser B1 40W featured diode laser technology with a powerful 40W optical output. It boasted a working area of 450x440mm, perfect for larger projects. James marveled at its fixed focus of 50mm and the incredibly fine laser spot size of 0.1x0.15mm, which promised detailed and precise engravings.

Sarah watched as her father began engraving their family name on a wooden plaque. The machine operated smoothly at an impressive speed of 36000mm/min. James was thrilled to discover that the Laser B1 could cut through 20mm plywood and 25mm Paulownia wood in a single pass, and even handle materials as tough as 0.15mm stainless steel. The precision and ease of the machine evident in every detail.


Over the next few weeks, James became a master of the laser engraver. He created beautiful, personalized gifts for family and friends: customized cutting boards, engraved picture frames, and even intricate wooden jewelry boxes. Each piece was a work of art, a testament to his skill and the machine's precision. The engraver's 34-bit motherboard and X Y-axis limit switches ensured accuracy and reliability in every project.


The machine's versatility was further enhanced by its compatibility with various devices and software. James found the LaserGRBL software easy to use on his Windows computer, while Sarah showed him how to use LightBurn on her macOS laptop. The LaserBurn app allowed him to control the engraver from his phone, making the process even more convenient.

But it was one particular project that truly showcased James's heroism and creativity. One day, Sarah came across an old photo album filled with memories of her father's firefighting days. Inspired, she approached him with an idea. "Dad, why don't you create something to honor your old firehouse? Something that captures the spirit of your team and the sacrifices you all made."


James was touched by the suggestion. He spent days designing a tribute plaque. He carefully engraved the names of his fellow firefighters, along with the emblem of their firehouse and the dates of his service. The Laser B1 allowed him to add intricate details and a level of personalization that made the plaque truly special.


When the plaque was finished, James and Sarah took it to the firehouse. The current team gathered around, admiring the craftsmanship and the heartfelt tribute. Many of them had heard stories of James and his bravery, but seeing the plaque brought those stories to life in a tangible way.


As they hung the plaque in the firehouse, James's eyes welled up with tears. "This is for all of you," he said, his voice filled with emotion. "For all the brave men and women who have served and continue to serve. It's a small token of appreciation for your dedication and sacrifice."

The Laser B1 40W laser engraving machine had not only given James a new hobby but had also allowed him to leave a lasting legacy. It brought him closer to his past and connected him with his community in a profound way. Sarah couldn't have imagined a more perfect Father's Day gift.


Every time James used the engraver, he was reminded of the love and thoughtfulness behind Sarah's gift. It wasn't just a machine; it was a tool that empowered him to express his gratitude, creativity, and love for his family and community. This Longer Father's Day, consider giving the gift of the Laser B1 40W laser engraving machine—a gift that empowers fathers to create, honor, and leave a legacy etched in time.