Longer Nano: 12W Portable Laser Engraver: Affordable, Powerful, and User-Friendly

Longer Nano: 12W Portable Laser Engraver: Affordable, Powerful, and User-Friendly - LONGER

In recent years, the laser engraving industry has witnessed a remarkable evolution, transitioning from cumbersome, industrial-sized machines to sleek, desktop variants that fit comfortably in small studios and personal workspaces. Amidst this transformation, cost has often been a barrier, with high-quality laser engravers typically being the preserve of professionals willing to invest significantly. Enter the Longer Nano laser engraver, a device that stands out in the market for marrying affordability with professional-grade features.

Available in two models, the 6W for the casual creator and the groundbreaking 12W version for power users, the Longer Nano breaks new ground as the world's first portable laser engraver of its class. It is tailored to open the doors of high-quality laser engraving to a broader audience, cutting through the noise of the market with its competitive pricing and unmatched functionality.

By introducing advanced technology typically found in higher-end models into a cost-effective and user-friendly package, the Longer Nano laser engraver is set to revolutionize the way hobbyists, artists, and small businesses approach engraving. Let's explore the capabilities and features that make the Longer Nano an essential tool for creators in an ever-evolving creative landscape.

Longer Nano Laser Engraver: Features and Facts

The Longer Nano laser engraver has been acknowledged as a significant innovation in the portable laser engraving market. It offers advanced technology and superior precision in two versions: a 6W model and the world's first 12W model, both aimed at providing powerful and affordable engraving solutions.

The 12W Longer Nano is distinguished by its portability, high efficiency, and rapid engraving speed, making it the fastest device in the mobile engraving sector. It boasts an exceptional field lens accuracy of 0.02 millimeters, which ensures intricate detail and clarity in every engraving.

Alongside the main unit, the Longer Nano offers a suite of accessories, including a rotary extension kit for cylindrical objects, an extension kit for enlarging the working range, an enclosure for safety and smoke extraction, a portable power supply for outdoor operation, and a purifier for filtration of smoke and odors.

In terms of specifications, the Longer Nano Pro has a gross weight of 4.1kg and comes with a net weight of 2.6kg. Its 12W 450nm diode laser is capable of engraving a 100 x 100mm area that can be expanded to 100 x 300mm with the extension kits. The device's cutting width is under 8.5mm and offers connectivity through Wifi, USB, and an APP.

It also supports a range of file formats and systems and is compatible with multiple engraving software options, such as LightBurn and LaserGrb, as well as LongerBurn – which was the software developed in-ohuse by Longer. This seamless integration with top-notch software enhances the user experience significantly, resulting in a perfect harmony between hardware and software.

The Longer Nano excels in versatility, able to engrave on a variety of materials, including wood, metal, and leather, and capable of cutting through wood up to 8.5mm thick. Its compatibility with leading software platforms such as LightBurn and LaserGrbl, as well as the LongerBurn app, facilitates a user-friendly experience.

Performance-wise, the engraver is recognized for its versatility in material handling, precision, and speed, with engraving accuracy up to 0.02 mm and speed up to 2200 mm/s. In terms of applications, the Longer Nano is capable of customizing a wide range of items, from wine flasks and cups to wooden coasters, demonstrating its adaptability for both personal and business purposes.


  • Rotary extension kit: Rotary components mainly include chunk, support module, different jaws, etc., which are used for engraving objects such as goblets, thermos cups, mugs, rings, balls, etc.
  • Extension kit: The extension kit is mainly used to expand the working range of Nano. It can be extended to 100*300mm and which is designed with scales and fixtures to facilitate alignment and fixation during batch engraving.
  • Enclosure: The size of enclosure is 685*370*560mm, which has enough space for Nano engraver and rotary or slide extensions. It is made of flame-retardant hard materials and is foldable. It is equipped with a 12038 fan and 100mm smoke exhaust tube, which can quickly extract the smoke and dust, and can be connected to an air purifier to filter them; it also has multiple observation windows to real-time observation of the engraving process.
  • Package-can install the whole machine for easy carrying: The carrying packcase is made of fabric and plastic, which can accommodate a Nano Pro, making it easy to carry the entire machine out.
  • Mobile power supply-can work 3H: When using Nano outdoors, the mobile power supply can power it and provide the engraving machine with more than 3 hours of working time.
  • Purifier: The purifier has multiple layers of filter material. When used in conjunction with the enclosure, it can effectively filter more than 99% of smoke and odors.

What Comes with the Nano and Nano Pro Laser Engraver Series?

  • Main engine*1
  • Electric lifting support*1
  • Protective cover*1
  • Goggles*1
  • Glass cloth*1
  • Positioning clamps and thumb screws*2
  • Ac cord/power adapter*1
  • Type-c data cable*2
  • Ruler*1
  • Brush*1
  • Basswood board *2
  • Business card*5
  • Kraft paper*2
  • Quick start guide*1
  • Toolkit


Rotary extension kit

  • Chunk*1
  • Support module*1
  • USB cable*1
  • Single step jaw*3
  • Double step jaw*3
  • Stud components*3
  • Toolkit*1
  • Quick start guide*1

Slide extension kit

  • Slide extension host*1
  • Active ruler*2
  • Fixture*3
  • USB cable*1
  • Quick start guide*1

Tech Specs

Longer Nano Pro

Gross weight: 4.1kg

Net weight: 2.6kg

Laser type: 12W 450nm diode laser for Nano Pro (6W 450nm diode laser for Nano)

Working area: 100 x 100mm, with extension kits 100 x 300mm

Speed: up to 2200 mm/s

Cutting width: <8.5mm

Connectivity: Wifi, USB, APP

File format: jpg, bmp, png, dxf, svg, ai, tiff, etc

Support system: Windows, MAC, Linux

Software: Lightburn, LaserGrbl, LongerBurn APP

Power: 12V 6A


The Longer Nano is priced at $299, while the upgraded Longer Nano Pro version is available at an exclusive price of just $499. This enhanced model promises even more power and capabilities, making it an irresistible option for those seeking top-notch performance in their laser engraving projects.

The affordability of these devices is notable, offering high value for the investment. The setup process is described as straightforward, allowing users to begin engraving quickly. The Longer Nano is designed to be user-friendly, catering to both beginners and experienced users.

The Longer Nano and the new Nano Pro are both excellent choices for anyone looking to invest in a high-quality laser engraver without breaking the bank. And compared with the Nano, the advantage of the Nano Pro is that it is easier to cut and more versatile. The value they provide for the price point makes it ideal for many different applications, making them a potential choice for any creative enthusiast or professional looking to elevate their craft.

Application Use Cases and Examples

Custom wine flask

Custom cups

Batch engraving wood coasters

In summary, the Longer Nano and its Pro variant are characterized as affordable, powerful, and versatile tools for creative projects, offering professional-quality engraving capabilities to a wide audience. Especially for those seeking to own a small laser engraver, Nano is the optimal choice. As a portable laser engraving machine, it can serve as your small business tool or your home decor helper, transforming your creative ideas into reality at your fingertips. These products are available for purchase on Kickstarter, with additional package offers from Longer for early adopters.


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