Shipment #4 Orange 4K Color 3d printer is on set

Shipment #4 Orange 4K Color 3d printer is on set

Hey, finally, the Orange 4K Color 3d printers are on set for shipment. 

  • Orange 4K Color Shipment

We are sorry for the whole project in delayed, the 4K Color printers will be shipped to our US/Euro warehouse first, in this case, each backers won't be charged by import tax and Euro backers won't be charged VAT either. The rest backers will be shipped accordingly by backer number by express. We will update with tracking number by email.

Please note that, the printers are all packed with standard one, some add-on spare parts will be shipped seperately from China. And we will email with tracking number to backers as well. 

  • Orange 4K Mono 3D Printer

As plan, the mono screen will be arrived around the end of April, but I think we will get them earlier than expected, because we got the feedback from our supplier, the schedule of production will be ahead about one week. Anyway, we will keep update on this. 

We'd like to share images printed by 4K Mono, it's ameralabs testing model, printed by Orange 4K Mono, and washable resin in 50um. It's not in perfect of printing parameter, and we will print with our new standard uv resin (Deep Peach Color), of which will be with better performance. 

We will keep update soon, if there's any question, please feel free to let us know and contact us at by email. 


Longer Team