Laser -Rotationsrolle



  • 6-200 mm großer Gravurraum,
  • 100% vormontiert, mit Laserschneider spielen.
  • 360 ° Gravur von Zylinder oder Ultra-Fine-Objekten, Schalen, Tassen, Getränkedosen, Flaschen, Rohren und überlangen Teller usw.
  • Einfache und schnelle Gleitanpassung & robust langlebig,
  • Mit anderen Marken von Gravurautomaten kompatibel sein

    • Verfügbarkeit: Ausverkauft

    【6-200mm Huge engraving space】The diameter can be adjusted in 6 gears, from 6mm and up to 200mm. Supports a maximum engraving diameter of 200mm.
    【100% Pre-assembled, plug and play with laser engraver】 No installation required, just need to connect the Y-axis cable to the engraving machine to use.
    【Y-axis laser engraver attachment】360° engraving of cylinders or Ultra-fine object, round wood, bowls, cups, beverage cans, bottles, pipes and over-length plate etc.
    【Easy and fast sliding adjustment & sturdy durable】Just slide and fix screw by hand, adjust the distance according to the different sizes of cylindrical objects. Choose high-friction 70A anti-slip rubber shaft and Steel Construction, longer service life.
    【Widely compatible】Comes with 2 motor extension cables, can be compatible with other brands of engraving machines.

    How to adjuste gear of the roller?
    1: Distance between two axes is 5mm,   suitable for engraving 6-38mm diameter objects
    2: Distance between two axes is 23mm, suitable for engraving 38-70mm diameter objects
    3: Distance between two axes is 41mm, suitable for engraving 70-102mm diameter objects
    4: Distance between two axes is 59mm, suitable for engraving 102-134mm diameter objects
    5: Distance between two axes is 77mm, suitable for engraving 134-166mm diameter objects
    6: Distance between two axes is 95mm, suitable for engraving 166-200mm diameter objects