LONGER Authorized Reseller in Iran
Congratulation! We announce Azarin Tech is our official reseller in Iran country, Azarin Tech will present full products of LONGER, of which is included FDM 3D printers, Resin 3D printers, Resin and Spare parts for Iran customers. Azarin Tech will provide...
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3D Printer Download Guidelines
1. LKxPro-Marlin LKxPro-Marlin1.1.9  LKxPro-Marlin 2.0   2. Slicing Software Download - FDM 3D Printer LONGER Slicer  V1.3  2020-6-18 Cura (Windows)  V4.4  2020-9-29 Cura (Mac)   V4.4  2020-9-29 3. Slicing Software Download - Resin 3D Printer LongerWare (Windows)  V1.39  2021-10-25 LongerWare (Mac)  V1.38  2021-10-25 Chitubox...
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