LONGER Fans share: Restore postpartum mood with Ray5 20W

LONGER Fans share: Restore postpartum mood with Ray5 20W

As Mother's Day approaches, it's a time to celebrate the unconditional love and resilience of mothers everywhere. And for this special time, LONGER's support mailbox received a healing message from Sarah in Spain, which a powerful women beat postpartum depression. For one extraordinary mother, her journey through postpartum depression was transformed into a tale of love, healing, and creativity.

After the birth of their daughter, Emma, Sarah found herself struggling with the weight of postpartum depression. Every day felt like a battle, and the once-vibrant colors of motherhood seemed to fade into darkness. As an craft painter, her once dexterous hands became bloated and she could no longer do delicate carvings. Desperate to find a way to comfort his wife, Sarah's husband, Jack, decided to gift her something special – the Longer Ray5 20W laser engraving machine.


At first, Sarah was skeptical. How could a machine help her overcome the overwhelming feelings of sadness and anxiety? However, Jack gently encouraged her to give it a try, assuring her that it might offer a creative outlet and a sense of purpose. And so, Sarah tentatively began her journey with the Ray5 20W. 

With each engraving, she poured her love and affection for Emma into every piece she created – from personalized spoons and pencil holders to intricate bookshelves adorned with whimsical designs. The act of crafting these items became a form of therapy for Sarah, allowing her to channel her emotions into something tangible and beautiful.


As the years passed, Sarah's skills with the engraving machine grew, and so did her confidence. She found solace in the rhythmic hum of the machine and the delicate dance of light as it etched her designs into wood and metal. Slowly but surely, the fog of postpartum depression began to lift, replaced by a newfound sense of purpose and joy.

But perhaps the most profound moment came when Emma, now is in the kindergarten, decided to use the Ray5 20W with her father Jack to create a special Mother's Day gift for Sarah. With careful precision and unwavering love, Emma crafted a pair of jeans for her mother, adorned with designs ‘The best mother in the World‘. It was a testament to the bond between mother and daughter, a symbol of love and resilience that had endured the test of time. As Sarah slipped into the jeans, she realized just how far she had come – from the depths of despair to the pinnacle of happiness and fulfillment. And it was all thanks to the enduring love of her family and the transformative power of creativity.