LONGER fathers day sale: Celebrate Father's Day with LONGER Ray5 20W

LONGER fathers day sale: Celebrate Father's Day with LONGER Ray5 20W

As Father's Day Sale 2024 approaches, it's the perfect time to show our love and appreciation for the incredible men in our lives with LONGER Engraver fathers day sale. What better way to do so than with a personalized, heartfelt gift that reflects the depth of our gratitude? This Father's Day, make your laser engraver fathers day gifts truly special with the LONGER Ray5 20W Pro Max Set Laser Engraving Machine.

Laser engraving is a versatile and precise technique that has revolutionized the world of crafting and personalized gifts. With the LONGER Ray5 20W laser engraver, you can etch designs, text, or images onto various materials with incredible precision, unmatched accuracy, and detail.


One of the key advantages of laser engraving is its versatility. It can be used on a wide range of materials, including wood, glass, metal, acrylic, leather, and more. This means you can create personalized gifts for Dad in a variety of mediums, from elegant wooden plaques to delicate glassware or custom jewelry. The LONGER Ray5 20W’s working area of 400 x 365 mm and its ultra-fine 0.08 x 0.1mm laser spot size make it perfect for detailed work on these materials.


The LONGER Ray5 20W's rapid working speed, reaching up to 10,000mm/min, allows you to complete projects quickly and efficiently, making it perfect for creating last-minute Father's Day gifts or handling bulk orders with ease. Plus, with its powerful 20W optical output and advanced engraving technique using four diode lasers with FAC, you can achieve deep, precise cuts and engravings.


Additionally, the LONGER Ray5 20W Pro Max Set offers incredible customization options, ensuring that Dad's gift is as unique and special as he is. Whether it's multi-color designs on metal surfaces or intricate patterns on wood and acrylic, the possibilities are endless. This machine’s capability to cut 25mm pine wood, 35mm acrylic, and even 0.05mm stainless steel in one pass showcases its versatility and power.

The LONGER Ray5 20W’s features such as self-extinguishing capabilities, fire and movement detection, emergency stops, and safety glasses make it safe to use, giving you peace of mind while working on your projects. It meets FDA Class II safety standards, making it a reliable tool for all your engraving needs.


This Father’s day sale 2024, LONGER is offering an exclusive discount period from June 5th to June 19th, where you can save up to $1020 on your purchase. Specifically, the LONGER Ray5 20W Pro Max Set is available at a 45% discount, making it the best laser engraver deal of the season. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to give Dad a gift that combines creativity, precision, and heartfelt sentiment.


With the LONGER Ray5 20W Laser Engraving Machine, you can turn your heartfelt sentiments into a tangible expression of love. Featuring a quad-core diode laser with 20W output, a spacious working area, and compatibility with various materials, it's perfectly suited to your needs. The LONGER Ray5 20W is not just a piece of equipment; it is a tool for you and your father to create beautiful memories together.


Imagine being able to etch your precious moments with your father permanently onto a beautiful material, making this gift a treasure trove of memories for both of you. Celebrate LONGER Father's Day with a gift that will be cherished for years to come.

This Father's Day, make your gift truly unforgettable with the LONGER Ray5 20W Laser Engraving Machine. Order yours today and elevate your Father's Day celebration to new heights of creativity and love, happy fathers day sale LONGER.