LONGER Research: Ray5 20W Laser Engraving Applications in Educational Materials

LONGER Research: Ray5 20W Laser Engraving Applications in Educational Materials


Laser engraving has evolved significantly in recent years, finding applications across various sectors, including education. LONGER’s advanced laser engraving machines, such as the Longer Ray5 20W, are particularly useful in creating customized and durable educational materials. Let's explore how these machines are revolutionizing educational tools and resources.



Examples of Laser-Engraved Designs on Musical Instruments




Educational institutions can utilize laser engraving to create personalized and themed educational materials, making learning more engaging and organized. Examples include student awards, teacher appreciation items, and campus signage. The Ray5 20W, with its 400 x 365 mm working area and precise 0.08x0.1mm laser spot size, is ideal for these tasks.

Student Awards


Personalized Certificates: Laser engraving can create customized certificates for achievements in sports, academics, and volunteer work. The Ray5 20W’s high-speed engraving (up to 10000mm/min) ensures quick and precise production.


Trophies and Plaques: Engraving detailed and attractive designs on trophies and plaques is another excellent application. The Ray5 20W’s diode laser technology provides clear and durable engravings, making awards more special and personal.

Teacher and Staff Awards


Appreciation Plaques: Recognizing teachers, coaches, and staff with engraved plaques is a thoughtful way to honor their hard work. The Ray5 20W’s fixed focus of 40mm ensures consistent engraving quality on various materials, including wood and acrylic.


Personalized Desk Accessories: Items like pen holders, nameplates, and desk organizers can be customized for educators. These personalized gifts serve as lasting tokens of appreciation, made possible by the Ray5 20W’s versatile engraving capabilities.

Directional Signage


Campus Maps: Laser engraving is perfect for creating detailed and durable campus maps. These maps can guide students and visitors, enhancing their experience on campus. The Ray5 20W’s ability to cut through 12mm plywood and 15mm pine in one pass makes it ideal for producing robust signs.


Room Number Signs: Engraving room numbers is a practical use of laser technology. The Ray5 20W produces clean and professional signs that can be easily read, helping to organize classrooms, offices, and other areas.


Safety Signage: Informational and directional safety signs can be engraved with graphical messages. These signs help communicate important safety information clearly and effectively. The Ray5 20W’s laser wavelength of 450nm ensures precise and visible engravings.

Custom Nameplates and Door Signs


Custom nameplates and door signs made of wood or acrylic can be engraved with names, class titles, or other relevant information. These personalized items enhance the classroom environment, making students feel more connected to their space. The Ray5 20W’s versatile software compatibility, including LaserGRBL and LightBurn, allows for easy customization and design.

Inspirational Quotes and Wall Art


Engraving inspirational quotes on materials like wood or acrylic can create motivational wall art for classrooms. These engravings can uplift students and reinforce positive messages. The Ray5 20W’s capability to engrave intricate designs makes it perfect for creating visually appealing educational decor.


The use of laser engraving in education offers numerous benefits, from creating personalized awards and gifts to enhancing campus navigation and safety. LONGER’s Ray5 20W laser engraving machine, with its advanced features and precision, provides a powerful tool for educational institutions to improve their materials and environment. By incorporating laser engraving, schools can foster a more engaging and personalized learning experience.