Longer company gives away free Honeycomb Working Table during Easter

Longer company gives away free Honeycomb Working Table during Easter - LONGER

If you're looking to personalize objects made of wood, leather, metal, and other materials, take advantage of the current promotion on the Ray5 10W from Longer. It's one of the best laser engraving machines in the budget-friendly market segment.

Standing out as the top performer in its series, the Ray5 10W boasts a laser output power of 10 watts (with a machine power consumption of 120 watts). Consequently, it provides deeper cuts and smoother engravings compared to other products in the same range. It can cut through 20mm wood or 30mm acrylic in one go.

Utilizing the latest laser technology, the engraving spot size is only 0.06 x 0.6mm, allowing for extremely fine lines and intricate designs. The company highlights that the laser beam instantly oxidizes the metal surface, resulting in richer colors.

The machine can receive engraving and cutting instructions via USB or WiFi connection to a computer, or directly from a microSD card inserted into the corresponding card reader. Control can also be done directly from the built-in 3.5-inch touchscreen, enabling offline work. The model is also equipped with limit switches and various protection systems.

To purchase the Longer Ray5 10W laser engraving machine, there are two discount options for Easter:

You can buy directly from the Longer official website, where significant discounts are available due to Easter, bringing the price down to $319.99 (original price $529). Click here to enjoy the discount: https://bit.ly/43o3DFs

For just $619.99, you can purchase the kit with RAY5 10W Complete Machine, Air Pump Kit ·Roller, RAY5 Y-axis Extension Rod and RAY5 Enclosure at a discounted price. These accessories is sold separately for $968.95, but during Easter, it can be purchased for $619.99, and get one free 400*400 Honeycomb Pane (worth $89.99). Come and join Lange’s creative journey.

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