Longer 3D as a company has FDM and Resin printers but also sells laser engraver machines.

Here are some of the specs about the Orange 30.

  • High precision & Uniform Matrix UV lighting
  • 2.8 inch Touch screen & faster printing speed
  • Fast Cooling & high-Temperature warning system
  • Affordable price: $149.99 or £130

This Printer started out on Kickstarter in 2019 and was successfully funded there. The vat has been updated by Longer since it was released and is a plastic one compared to the metal one originally.

So its a 2K LCD screen at 2560 X 1440 resolutions and 47.25µm pixel size, the build plate is 120mm(L)*68mm(W)*170mm(H); With a solid linear guide and special slider design, it will ensure the accuracy and stable of Z-axis.

So I set about unboxing the printer live over at my Twitch channel, it comes well packed in a box with lots of protection for it, one of the first things I noticed about this resin printer is that you need to assemble the UV cover as it is flat picked and has a paper covering both sides of it to protect from scratches.

Assembling the UV cover took the longest to do as the paper that needed taking off was stuck well to the plastic. Once this was done it was a little tricky getting the elastic bands on it to hold it together, but if you don’t wish to use the elastic bands that come with the printer you can find STL files for a system to hold it together a bit better, as I always feel it's going to fall apart in my hands when moving the lid about.

Putting the vat on is straightforward as always and it was a quick process to level the build plate.

Once I've done everything I put the USB drive into the printer and see that there were 4 test files, so I set about printing them all, they all came out fantastic as I would expect from a resin printer, the touch screen is responsive and nicely laid out and easy to navigate it.

I set about slicing some of my own files I wanted to print on it and if you want you can use Longer 3D own slicer for it, but I use Lychee Slicer as my go-to slicer these days. It was easy to add the printer to the slicer, you just need to make sure you save the file to the USB drive as a .lgs30 file for the printer to read it.

Ok so it’s not the biggest of build plates for a resin printer, but don’t let that fool you. I found this printer was able to print everything I was slicing for it, I had one failure out of about 30 prints and that was down to human error as I didn’t add supports correctly. The print quality is good especially for a 2k resin printer, it wasn’t overly loud when it was printing and I didn’t notice any bad smells of resin coming from it, which I do use an air purifier next to all my resin printers just for some added protection.

So who is this resin printer aimed at? That’s a good question, I think that this might just be one of the best entry-level resin printers that you can buy at the moment, resin printing can be expensive if you are starting out in it, printer, wash and cure station, IPA for the wash and gloves, etc, it starts adding up. So if you purchased this as your first resin printer and you found out that resin printing wasn’t for you, it's not a big amount of money spent on the Orange 30 and I’m sure you will find a buyer for it if you put it up for sale.

If you are an experienced resin user already you might possibly have bigger resin printers that you use, like myself, recently I was printing a Wicked3D STL which was a decent size, and I used 3 resin printers to print all the parts for it and the Orange 30 fitted perfectly for printing the small parts for it, in-between my bigger resin printers, some people use resin printers for small tabletop figures and I’m sure you would be able to get a good amount of them on the build plate of the Orange 30.

So in conclusion I think that this resin printer is ideal for all users, especially for the price. I have been printing litho on this printer too and the photo quality is good. if you were to invest in this I think most people would be pleased with the results of the prints.