Longer Laser Rotary Roller

Longer Laser Rotary Roller - LONGER

Longer Laser Rotary Roller is a fundamental accessory for all those who carry out laser engraving work, as it is possible to make engravings on curved surfaces with ease, which would be impossible to perform without this accessory.

Everyone who uses a laser engraving machine knows well that in order for the laser to engrave a surface it is necessary that the laser beam is focused. Assuming that, in order for the laser beam to be in focus it is necessary that the distance between the laser module and the surface to be engraved is 50mm, once the right distance has been established it is possible to engrave any point of the surface as the equidistance is respected at every point. However, if the surface to be engraved is not flat but curved, then the equidistance is not respected; in fact, as you can see from the image below, the focus (fixed in point A) is lost as soon as the laser module moves with respect to the focus point.

To solverand this problem it is necessary to use the Longer Laser Rotary Roller, which causes the surface to be engraved (through a rotation) to move instead of the laser module. In this way, each point of the curved surface to be engraved is brought to the focus point of the laser, i.e. the surface to be engraved makes a "rotation". For this technique to work correctly it is necessary that the surface to be engraved is cylindrical in shape, otherwise the problem of focusing would be solved with respect to the Y axis with the Rotary Roller, but it would occur with respect to the X axis.

The installation of Longer Rotary Roller is really easy: just connect it to the Y-axis connector of your Longer Ray5, and in this way the laser module will move to the X axis, but the movement with respect to the Y axis will be applied to the Rotary Roller instead of the Y axis of the laser module. As for the settings, they are almost the same settings used for engraving on a flat surface. In fact, if you want to engrave a 10x10cm image, instead of getting a 10x10cm image on a flat surface you will get a 10x10cm engraving on a curved surface, so the result in terms of size does not change. To better understand this concept, it is similar to when you remove the label from a jar: the label on the jar is curved, when you remove it and place it on a plane it becomes flat, but in both cases the label is always the same and the dimensions do not change.  

In order for the movement steps to be respected, the Rotary Roller must be set differently according to the size of the object on which you intend to make the laser engraving. In detail, about the gear of the roller, you can refer to these dimensions in order to keep the correct steps:

1: Distance between two axes is 5mm, suitable for engraving 6-38mm diameter objects

2: Distance between two axes is 23mm, suitable for engraving 38-70mm diameter objects

3: Distance between two axes is 41mm, suitable for engraving 70-102mm diameter objects

4: Distance between two axes is 59mm, suitable for engraving 102-134mm diameter objects

5: Distance between two axes is 77mm, suitable for engraving 134-166mm diameter objects

6: Distance between two axes is 95mm, suitable for engraving 166-200mm diameter objects


Using the Longer Laser Rotary Roller allows you to expand the functionality of your Longer Ray5, as you can easily engrave many everyday objects, such as pens, jars, cylindrical objects and much more.