3D Printer Download Guidelines
1. LKxPro-Marlin LKxPro-Marlin1.1.9  LKxPro-Marlin 2.0   2. Slicing Software Download - FDM 3D Printer LONGER Slicer  V1.3  2020-6-18 Cura (Windows)  V4.4  2020-9-29 Cura (Mac)   V4.4  2020-9-29 3. Slicing Software Download - Resin 3D Printer LongerWare (Windows)  V1.39  2021-10-25 LongerWare (Mac)  V1.38  2021-10-25 Chitubox...
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Unboxing Vidoes of Longer 3D printers
Please reach our Youtube Channel to check the unboxing videos for guidelines: LONGER 3D Youtube Channel LONGER Printers by Youtuber: LONGER LK4 PRO Unboxing Video by The 3D Print General LONGER Orange 30 Unboxing Video by Heliox LONGER LK5 PRO Unboxing...
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Orange 4K Color shipment update #2
Thanks for ordering the Orange 4K Color, while we are still working on the project. Now there's some news on the project to update. Reboot randomly in aging test When we assembled the first production printers, we took 80 units...
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