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  • Faster than the 5W model.

  • The advanced model with 10W laser power, the ultra-small spot of 0.06x0.06mm also guarantees the accuracy of its engraving. The laser power of 10W also enables it to complete the engraving of most materials

  • Cut wood, plywood, acrylic, leather, plastic, foam and more.

  • The standard touch screen of all Longer Ray5 series also makes it easier to operate.

  • High-power model, with 20W ultra-high laser power.

  • It can easily engrave and cut wood, plywood, acrylic, leather, plastic, foam, metal, stone, glass, ceramics and other materials.

  • The air-assisted pump it is equipped with can not only assist in the removal of smoke and dust, but also further improve the engraving efficiency, and can perform large-volume rapid engraving or cutting.

  • Ideal for professional engravers, shop owners, and more.

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With longer

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Focus on manufacturing and supplying complete 3D Printing &Laser Engraving Cutting solutions, take your imagination to the real world with the latest technological solutions. 

Who we are, a technology leader of 3D Printers & Laser Engravers in China and loved brand by customers across the globe, which has built a proprietary factory (ISO 9001 certified) of over 2000 square meters and more than 100 employees, set up its own R&D center, registered over 50 patents and acquired the preeminent UK company RepRapPro.

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