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LK4 Pro
LK4 Pro

Lk4 pro is a flagship FDM 3D printer from LONGER3D, open source, ultra-quiet and high-precision printing. The 4.3-inch touch screen gives you a more intuitive experience; it also has a better flatness of the Glass build platform and PC stickers. This is a highly recommended high performance 3D printer.

Features of LK4 PRO:

1 .The latest open source Marlin firmware, expand more functions independently, e.g. automatic bed leveling

2. Plug and Play TMC2208 driver with higher subdivision, higher running accuracy and ultra-quiet.

3. 4.3 inch touch screen and new UI design engenders ease of use and intuitive response that is unparalleled.

4. High-power hot bed provides efficient heating and uniform temperature.

5. Glass build platform has better flatness, and the PC sticker ensures a decent print bed adhesion and the model does not warp.

6.Filament run-out sensor and power outage protection. 

  • Use Video
  • Assemble Video
  • Maintenance Guidance
  • Longer LK4 Pro 3D Printer Overview

  • Lk4Pro--Check the main board and switch power supply

  • Lk4 or Lk4 Pro --Replace hotend components without soldering iron

  • Lk4 or Lk4 Pro --Adjust X Y Z axis

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