6 Must Have Laser Engraver Accessories

6 Must Have Laser Engraver Accessories

Desktop laser engravers are popular among craft enthusiasts and small businesses alike. Most laser engraving machines only require simple assembly to complete fine cutting and engraving work.

Nowadays, everyone pays more attention to the upgrade of accessories. 6 essential laser engraving machine accessories can expand the possibilities of using the laser engraving machine and better turn every user's creativity into reality.

1. Rotary Roller Upgrade Kits

Have you ever thought about engraving a unique pattern on your cup? All it takes is a roller stand kit. This accessory is now loved by many people.

360° automatic rotating roller, suitable for cylindrical objects, including irregular cylindrical objects. Wine glasses, glasses, mugs, etc. can all be made into works of art.

Laser Engraver Accessories

2. Extension Kits

The normal working area of ​​a laser engraving machine is 400*400MM. But we can have larger areas of items to make. At this time, the extension rod can be used.

With just a simple installation, you can quickly gain more than 4.5 times the huge engraving area. High stability, expanded working range but still high safety factor, no need to worry about safety issues.

Laser Engraver Accessories

3. Honeycomb Working Table

Honeycomb panels come in many sizes and different types. Using honeycomb panels during laser engraving work can ensure that the ground or other places will not be damaged. In addition, using honeycomb panels with clamps also ensures better cutting and does not allow the object to move while working.
Laser Engraver Accessories

4. Enclosure

Today's hoods are equipped with exhaust fans and ducts to speed up air circulation, allowing the laser to work more fully while eliminating smoke and odors.

The outer shell of flame-retardant fiberglass cloth, coupled with the thermal insulation silicone coating, has a higher fire resistance temperature and can achieve dust-proof and noise reduction effects.

It is easy to assemble and can be installed in about ten minutes. It provides a safer working environment and is loved by many carpenters.
camera kit

5. Camera Kits

Maybe you have trouble with inaccurate positioning when using a laser engraving machine? At this time, a camera kit is needed to achieve high-definition video recording and real-time monitoring.

The laser engraving machine camera can observe the work progress, material changes or machine operating status. You only need to align the desired pattern to the corresponding position on the operation page. The laser engraving machine camera will help you work without deviation. Greatly improve work efficiency and accuracy.
Air Assist Kits

6. Air Assist Kits

The air-assisted pump kit quickly reduces heat around the laser head and clears debris around the contact points, and you'll get better results with smooth lines, complete patterns, and a clean material surface.

The laser air auxiliary kit can effectively remove smoke and dust generated during the laser engraving process, prevent laser energy from attenuating, ensure the stability of the laser energy, and help the engraving machine cut faster and deeper.

This air pump protects your laser from residue buildup and overheating, increasing the life of your laser module.

The noise of the air assist device when working is 60 decibels, which is lower than the working sound of the fan. The air assist device can provide you with a quiet laser engraving environment.
option air assits


Laser engraving machines can only meet some basic engraving and cutting needs. If you want to expand the use of your laser engraving machine, you need to equip it with a variety of different accessories.

As mentioned above, laser engraving machine accessories can not only expand the functions of the laser engraving machine, but also enhance the safety of use. I look forward to your use of laser engraving machine accessories to achieve richer imagination!

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