Make a Merry Return to Traditional Handcrafted Gifts This Christmas with Longer’s Festive Lineup of Laser Engravers and 3D Printers

Make a Merry Return to Traditional Handcrafted Gifts This Christmas with Longer’s Festive Lineup of Laser Engravers and 3D Printers

This Christmas, personalize perfect gifts for loved ones using Longer’s smart laser engravers and 3D printers, available at never-before-seen discounts up to $130 storewide.

Longer, the global leader in intelligent laser engravers, 3D printers, and maker tools, announces irresistible Christmas deals on its new signature lineup, combining excellent print quality, intuitive interface, and festive discounts up to $130 storewide! The star highlights are Longer’s all-new Laser B1 series for industrial quality engraving and an upgraded LK5 3D printer – now available at irresistible Christmas special prices!


Laser engravers gift personalization with precision

The revolutionary Laser B1 series allows engraving beginners and experts alike to etch stunning designs on materials like basswood and acrylic. Its high precision, automation options, and Class 1 safety measures enable hassle-free creativity. 

The star deals are:

  • Longer Laser B1 20W – Just $619 ($1,099 original price)
  • Longer Laser B1 30W – Just $879 ($1,399 original price)  
  • Longer Laser B1 40W – Just $1,209 ($1,599 original price)

Additionally, the RAY5 series compact laser engravers allow precision personalization on smaller gifts starting from just $209!

3D print imaginative Christmas gifts  

The upgraded LK5 PRO lets you 3D print impressive gifts like custom tree ornaments, cookie cutters, phone cases, jewelry, and more, allowing you to gift this incredible product to someone special this holiday season for a fantastic Christmas offer price of just $279 ($389 original price).

Longer is offering tiered storewide discounts this Christmas:

Spend $600 – Get $60 off

Spend $900 – Get $90 off  

Spend $1,300 – Get $130 off

Longer has been able to emerge as an industry torchbearer, launching game-changing products with advanced 3D printing technology, combining scientific ingenuity with thoughtful design for hobbyists. Today, Longer’s extensive product portfolio allows businesses, educational institutes, designers, engineers, and families to unlock a world of constructive creativity.

Longer’s meteoric rise as a brand trusted by 100,000+ customers globally is attributed to 3 key strengths:

  • Uncompromising Product Quality:By establishing an ISO 9001-certified smart factory in 2018, Longer produces premium quality 3D printers and laser engravers through stringent norms and full-stack in-house manufacturing.
  • Obsession with Innovation:Longer’s 80-strong R&D team combines academic brilliance with cutting-edge technological capabilities to pioneer industry milestones such as the world’s fastest 3D printing system in 2020.
  • Complete Customer Care:From comprehensive warranty services to dedicated training and feedback channels, Longer delivers 360-degree support to customers in the USA, UK, and other countries through its worldwide manufacturer, seller, and trader networks.

So, this holiday season, gift your loved ones the magic of 3D-printed crafts and laser-engraved mementos with Longer’s festive Christmas lineup!