How to realize Christmas Decorations with Longer B1

How to realize Christmas Decorations with Longer B1

Christmas is a very heartfelt holiday, which many people from all over the world are only very fond of. Decorating your home with Christmas decorations and preparing gifts for your loved ones is something very important, and thanks to Longer B1 you can achieve what you have most in your heart.

In this article we will see how to make decorations for your Christmas tree and gift packages with Longer B1, very quickly and easily using Lightburn.

First, after opening the Lightburn software you need to make a circle using the appropriate function in the menu on the left, after which you need to make a smaller circle inside it. The larger circle represents a sphere, while the smaller circle is the hole through which you can hang the ornament you have created.

Also using the appropriate left lullaby, it is now possible to select the option to write a text. The text can include what you prefer, the important thing is to make sure that the text is contained in the sphere.

However, the text you create is vector, so during the laser processing process it will be treated as a cut rather than an image to be engraved. To solve the problem, just right-click on the text and select "Convert to Bitmap". The "Convert to Bitmap" option allows you to transform text from vector format to image format. Therefore, you need to select the "Fill All" option to set the text fill and confirm with OK.

By now, the text will have been successfully converted into a format that is ready to be engraved rather than cut.

After doing this, you can also add images if necessary, such as the small Christmas tree shown in the example below.

Once the model is ready, then you can finally move on to setting the engraving parameters. Through the "Cut/Layers" menu on the right it is possible to set the power, speed and number of passages related to the content to be engraved (Image) and the one to be cut "Cut"; Image represents the text and image inside the sphere, while Cut represents the outline of the sphere and the hole in it. Speed, power and number of passes for both options depend on the type of wood used, and therefore must be tested beforehand with the appropriate material test.

Before proceeding with the work with the laser, it is possible to select the "Preview" mode which shows the result obtained on the screen.

As we have seen, with Longer B1 and Lightburn it is really easy to make wonderful decorations for your Christmas tree, as well as make personalized tags for your gifts.



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