Steps of Orange 4K Color Upgrade to 4K Mono
The Orange 4K Color Version 3D Printer upgrade to Orange 4K Mono steps:   Download and unzip the appropriate firmware (Orange 4K Color or Orange4K Mono).     Firmware: Orange4KMono_1.3.2 Copy the firmware file (Orange4K) to the root directory of a USB...
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3D Printer Download Guidelines
1. LKxPro-Marlin LKxPro-Marlin1.1.9  LKxPro-Marlin 2.0   2. Slicing Software Download - FDM 3D Printer LONGER Slicer  V1.3  2020-6-18 Cura (Windows)  V4.4  2020-9-29 Cura (Mac)   V4.4  2020-9-29 3. Slicing Software Download - Resin 3D Printer LongerWare (Windows)  V1.39  2021-10-25 LongerWare (Mac)  V1.38  2021-10-25 Chitubox...
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